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I'm studying to be a holistic nutritionist and herbalist, and I love to work in the kitchen exploring fresh, whole foods. My recipes are all plant-based; no animal ingredients are included. I focus on local foods and simplicity and I refrain from using an excess of sugar or processed... Full Bio
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moving right along

Hey everyone! I haven't posted in a few weeks. School started for my kids and my partner, and I've been throwing myself head-first into my...

homemade cream (for coffee)

I'm very particular about the kind of coffee I drink - I'm an unabashed snob about it. Coffee is an indulgence for me, and I treat it the same...

farfalle with heirloom tomatoes and arugula

The end of summer is the perfect time to enjoy tomatoes as they should really taste. I used to hate tomatoes. Growing up, I couldn't stand...

susan-inspired eggplant & red lentil stew

I bought some Chinese eggplant a week ago, for some unknown reason. I think just because they were pretty and vibrant and colorful and I'd...

cornmeal pancakes with wild blackberries

Since moving to Northern California, we've been looking for places to forage wild food. We're definitely beginners at this practice, but it...
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