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A Letter from CEO to Bloggers

Dear Wellsphere Community Members, Health Mavens, and Health Bloggers,
Earlier today HealthCentral, a leading publisher of over 35 websites for individuals facing specific health challenges, announced that it has acquired Wellsphere.
This is an incredibly exciting moment for every contributor to HealthCentral's and Wellsphere's communities, and for the 10 million health consumers who, each month, seek and find powerful information and invaluable support from each of you. Our communities offer unparalleled insight, practical advice, and inspiration for people who want to live better and fuller lives.
HealthCentral has built, and will continue to build in partnership with you, welcoming and supportive communities – places that reflect the natural respect between people in need, and each of you, who share incredibly moving experiences in service of a greater good. Through our new relationship, your perspectives will now reach millions more health consumers in powerful new ways. Over the years, HealthCentral has built strong relationships with its many distinguished contributors – many of whom independently operate personal blogs or communities – and it has a reputation of working openly and honestly with its community members. We will carry this spirit of partnership as we move forward together, to build new opportunities for and with you, to recognize uniquely powerful voices and the collective chorus of your wisdom.
If you have a question about your relationship with Wellsphere, or the meaning of Wellsphere's new association with HealthCentral, please e-mail us at
We welcome your ideas, your suggestions, and your concerns, and look forward to building with each of you, a uniquely welcoming place for everyone who comes to us for help and for hope.
Christopher M. Schroeder, CEO, HealthCentral
Ron Gutman, Founder and CEO, Wellsphere