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Getting a Biopsy for Celiac Disease, Part 2 by Amy Leger Just learned you might have celiac? Perhaps your blood test is positive and you need to get an endoscopy and biopsy. Here is what you need to know about the biopsy for c ... Read on »
Thankful for Savta by Cheryl H. Registered Dietician Note: I wrote this post on Tuesday morning as a tribute, and Savta died Tuesday night. I’m not ready to go through and switch all of the grammar to past tense quite yet. ... Read on »
Gwinnett Braves Stadium medical pass available by Tiffany Patient Expert OK - this post is not timely, but I didn't get the information until the baseball season was pretty much over for the year.  If you're a fan of the Gwinnett Braves minor l ... Read on »
Cucumber Noodles with a Raw Pumpkin Seed Pesto Sauce (dairy-free, nut-free, grain-free) by Ali & Tom If you are looking for more ways to use up the last of the lovely basil growing in your garden this season, then try making a pesto sauce! It can be frozen and then th ... Read on »
Research: Does Celiac Diagnosis Change Overall Eating Habits of Teens? by Amy Leger Got a teenager with a new celiac diagnosis? There are a lot of concerns about changing over to a gluten free lifestyle. Now their is new research on how much their food ha ... Read on »
My Current Go-To Gluten Free Breakfast by Marlow Patient Expert I don’t know about you guys, but finding a good gluten free breakfast has always been hard for me. Before my diagnosis, I pretty much relied on Chick-Fil-A and ... Read on »
Why Should I Be Gluten Free? by Amy Leger Have you been asking yourself that question? When I worked at the Minnesota State Fair gluten free booth last month, I received that very pointed question from a few folk ... Read on »
Weekend Recap and Crab Cakes Benedict by Marlow Patient Expert Happy Monday friends! I hope you had a fun and restful weekend! I worked on Saturday, busy as a bee – but Sunday proved to be the perfect mix of work, play….and ... Read on »
Fresh 2 Order has gluten-free soup by Tiffany Patient Expert The gluten-free menu at Fresh 2 Order is pretty good considering they have no specialty items like bread, cupcakes, etc.  The pork with apricot chutney with mashed sweet p ... Read on »
Going Through the Celiac Disease Tests, Part 1 by Amy Leger 3 immediate family members have it, now I am the one getting celiac disease tests. Read along over the next week or so to see what happens during the testing. The post ... Read on »