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Celiac Disease Community - Articles

Gluten Free Fried Green Tomatoes by Marlow Patient Expert Happy Monday friends! Did you have a good weekend? I know I did! I was off of work and enjoyed spending some relaxing time with Parrish . I started off the ... Read on »
Gluten-free crepes in the ATL! by Tiffany Patient Expert Crepe Revolution went out of business quite a while ago.  I can't speak to the gluten crepes there, but the three gluten-free options were less than impressive in my o ... Read on »
Thankful for 10 years-Thankful Thursday by Cheryl H. Registered Dietician C & Mr. Dude, ~1999-ish on vaca in LA I don’t quite have the words to express my love and gratitude for Mr. Dude, my husband of 10 years today, so I’ll let the pictu ... Read on »
Detecting gluten one nose or technology device at a time by Amy Leger Detecting gluten in our food before we eat it would be great! Read about two options keeping (or will soon keep) celiacs & gluten-sensitive folks safe. The post appear ... Read on »
GIVEAWAY for YOU for the GFAF Wellness Event by Marlow Patient Expert Have you ever seen a gluten free product in the store and wished you could try it out before buying it? Well here’s your chance! Calling all local Gluten Free F ... Read on »
Tapanade Salsa by Elena R. Another salsa I made for the Blooming Table event  that I hosted a week ago; Tapanade Salsa. This is really an ode to one of my favorite fruits ever… the olive ... Read on »
Lackluster celiac screening numbers for at-risk patients by Amy Leger 83% of people with celiac are undiagnosed. New research suggests celiac screening for at-risk patients may be off some doctors' radar. The post appeared first on . ... Read on »
Cinnamon-Date Almond Butter Cookies (grain-free, dairy-free, gluten-free) by Ali & Tom In need of a healthy treat for road trips this summer? These date-sweetened, flourless almond butter cookies pack well and are adored by children...a treat you can fee ... Read on »
Gluten Free Diet & Inflammatory Bowel Diseases – New Research Shows Symptom Improvement by Amy Leger Researchers are learning more about how the gluten free diet could help Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients. The post appeared first on . Read on »
In the Twin Cities for the All-Star Game? Quick tips to Eat Gluten Free by Amy Leger All-Star Game, USA Cup, 3M Championship...there is a lot is going on in the Twin Cities this month. But where to go for a great gluten-free dining experience? Here's a li ... Read on »