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Young gluti girls testing

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:04am

Today was Kati’s turn to have allergy testing done.  I am so thankful that she did not test positive for any food allergies, just some seasonal things and dust mite.  She did however, have one of her rashes that she gets.  Kati has only had the blood test for celiac disease.  I did not make her have an endoscopy because she did not want one.  And, they way mine turned out it’s not always conclusive.  This doctor felt certain that her rash is dermatitis herpetiformis.  That is the rash that people with celiac disease can get.  He said he has seen it before and that’s what it looks like to him.  

He also had a really good talk with her about how important it is to not cheat on the diet.  She has some vitiligo as well.   That is an autoimmune condition and he felt like people with celiac are more prone to that. His own wife is gluten intolerant so he was very knowledgeable about our life!   

Being 18, this diet is hard for her.  She has been working really hard to stay on it, but sometimes she does slip up.  I think this will help motivate her to be even more diligent.  

And me, well I guess you can’t call me Mrs. Potato head :) (I can’t eat potatoes now)  I am surviving.  I have not felt well since the test.  My back was really itchy yesterday and I had a blistery rash on my stomach that is now drying up.  I guess putting all of those things in me at once has made me feel a little yuckie.  It’s not been that hard staying away from the new foods yet.  

I found out that brewers yeast is not only in beer, but wine as well.  I really like to have a glass of red wine now and then.  For now, I’m drinking sparkling juice.  I’m just glad Kati’s okay!

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