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Work It Girl!!

Posted Nov 08 2008 9:18am
Happy Dreary Saturday to everyone! It is warmish and damp where I am, so I hope you all have better weather! Or at least just not dreary!

Taste Tester and I had another night in last night just watching basketball games and talking sports. Well, he talked, I listened.

I was being on the quiet side last night and am still struggling with some thoughts. Yesterday after months of wondering WHAT was wrong with me, my doctor finally told me what it was. I have been struggling with those pesky five pounds, irregular periods, skin breakouts, and thinning hair, and finally the most important- I have been so BLAH. I'm perky most of the time yes but sometimes I wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep for five days. After testing thyroid function, trying to change my diet, switch up the workouts, stress less about work, and some volumizing shampoo I gave up. When I went to the doctor with severe stomach pain they diagnosed PCOS via ultrasound. PCOS is short for Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome. My ovaries are cyst-y and my hormones are all out of whack basically. My treatment plan however is going to be a wait and see. Taste Tester and I are absolutely dying to have a baby. Before he's 30. Yes- his biological clock is ticking. Mine is too! My doctor suggested a number of things, diet changes (less sugar and carbs), go on birth control, have lapro surgery to "clean up my system", or just stick it out and take medicine for the pain. Taste Tester and I truly understand that we are not at this particular time ready to have a baby. A. we would need a bigger place. B. It would mean moving in the kids all together, school changes for the Peanut and his Peanut. C. work?! who knows! There are a number of things we need to work on before trying. What we are going to do is since my doc said it would take me twice as long as everyone else to conceive... was to wait it out. Have an ultrasound every 3 months to make sure all is ok, then in six months...TRY TRY TRY!!! And pray that we will have a mini-Taste Tester someday! We both already have girls, we want a BOY!

In the meantime, this really means that I need to get going on my health goals! I started this morning with a big workout! Hip Hop Abs Fat Burning Cardio and some Hips Buns and Thighs.. then I did some stretching to work that knee out! OH AND I DID SOME PLANKS! Thank you Angela (from Oh She Glows ) for the idea! I felt really great after! My tummy got a good workout. Also check out her fitness video she put up yesterday! I just love how her wacky cat is sitting in the corner watching everything! My old lady cat sits next to my yoga mat when I do yoga. And she tries to get under me when I do downward dog. Think she has a death wish??

Then I settled into a bowl of oatmeal. Done my style, with a bit of rice milk and brown sugar. This time, I behaved myself! Only a teaspoon of brown sugar and a tiny handful of choco chips. Extra cinnamon to make up for the blandness. Booooo!!

I think the brown sugar on my oatmeal is really where I can shave some calories off in the morning and follow what my doctor said about changing up my diet. Yesterday after leaving the doctor's office I was totally depressed and shocked so I just went to Target. And bought a sweater. And a Venti Caramel Macchiato with soy. Extra caramel. Decaf because I can't have the caffeine, but when I plugged that into my calorie counter I realized HOW MUCH F-ING sugar was in there!!!! So in the coming weeks I may be experimenting with different methods to kick the sugar habit! Or at least tone it down so I don't have these sugar attacks all the time.

Oh and by the way... I'll be splurging once I get my insurance pay-out for my car! I want some Zumba DVDS!!!!! Have a look- FUN FUN FUN! This will cure my dance craving!

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