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Work Dinners

Posted Nov 09 2010 12:03pm
There are a few months out of the year when it seems like all I do is go out to dinner with clients. Eating out and being gf can present some real challenges. My boss has pretty much decided that there are only two or three restaurants in the entire District of Columbia where he likes to eat (luckily their food is amazing) so I've gotten pretty savvy at knowing what is on their menu that I can and cannot eat. Personally I don't like to make a big fuss about the gluten thing in front of our dinner guests so here are some tactics I've developed to help me have a successful meal
First, I always check out a restaurant's menu beforehand and then I ...
1. Avoid anything fried (it usually involves a batter or shares a fryer with something that does)
2. Salads can be great (but look out of dressings that have soy sauce as an ingredient - balsamic vinegar and EVOO is a safe bet)
3. Simply prepared meat or fish is best (grilled, broiled, etc.. no crust/breading)
4. Look for rice, rizzotto and polenta (it's yummy and more filling than a salad)
5. Steamed veggies as a side
6. Pass on the bread (if you can, avoid even having it brought to the table... maybe ask for a gf alternative like crudities)
7. Cream brulee or ice cream for dessert

Alright... off to check out tonight's menu. Hope you find these tips helpful!

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