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Will Your Child Have Celiac Disease?

Posted Sep 13 2012 4:02am

    Having grown up having celiac disease and not knowing is was difficult. I was diagnosed with all sorts of illnesses and was passed form doctor to doctor only to finally find out at age 18 that I was in fact celiac. Luckily with celiac awareness on the rise more and more young kids are being diagnosed with celiac and are able to skip the hell that many of us misdiagnosed celiacs had to go through. 


    Now 23, with all my friends getting married and having kids the question rose for me wheather or not my future "mini-mes" would have celiac disease or not. I come from a family where my mother and oldest brother have celiac yet my father and other brother are "celiac free".


   After lots of research I found that there isn't really an exact answer for this question. One lady I talked to had the celiac gene as well as her husband yet both didnt have celiac. They had tripplets. One celiac, one gluten intolerant and one completely able to eat good ol' fashion doughnuts. 


    There are some studies showing that keeping your celiac child off of gluten can help their bodies be able to consume gluten in the future but with not enough kids being diagnosed early enough still this study hasn't been able to fully explore this concept. 


   So what should you do when you have your own kids? Simple, get them tested! It could save them from many years of pain and discomfort.


Miranda Jade Turbin 



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