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Where have I been?

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:04am

No, I did not fall off the face of the earth.  Just the basement.  Ugh.  Do you remember the floods that flooded Indiana in June?  We were not in the flooded area, although very close.  Our sump pump motor burned up from trying to keep up with the amount of rain we had and flooded our basement.  

I don’t know why, but most people we talk to assume the power went out and caused the back up.  We had power.  Sump pumps have motors and when over worked, they die!  Luckily, we had a brand new pump at our house ready to go in it’s place.  Otherwise, we would have ended up with much more damage.  You couldn’t have bought a pump at the hardware store to save you life.  

The last several weeks have been all about trying to put it back together again.  Replacing dry wall.  Replacing flooring.  We decided that we never wanted to pull wet carpeting out of our basement again.  We have replaced it with ceramic tile.  Ourselves.  We are old.  Too old to be on our hands and knees laying tile!  Thanks goodness for our son and his girlfriend who were a huge help to us in getting it done.  I think we will have this project wrapped up and finished by the weekend.  Then life can get back to somewhat normal!

It’s been difficult trying to work so hard and figuring out what to cook at night let alone thinking of something to post.  I have prepared really simple things like plain meat, baked potato and cooked vegetables.  To me, times like this and traveling are the hardest when it comes to living gluten free.  It used to be if we had a big project going, we would get take out a lot.  I can’t tolerate most fast food because of cross contamination, so that’s out.  So I am sticking with the most simple, easy things to prepare.  

I have herbs growing like crazy in the garden and hope to be trying some new recipes in the very near future with them.  I also have purchased a new gluten free cookbook and am looking forward to trying some of the recipes out and reporting on them.  

So I’m still here, just lost in the basement.  I will crawl out and be back soon!

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