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Where can one go to find home made GLUTEN FREE baked goods?

Posted by Charis Creations

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If you want to bake, I would start with utilizing gluten free mix purchased from the grocery store or a natural foods store. Betty Crocker and Pamela's Products are both fairly popular and are in many local grocery stores.  There are also some fantastic cookbooks you could try as well if you want to make something on your own.

If you want to find a fresh bakery in your area, check online and see if your city has a celiac and gluten intolerance group. Some of the members may know of a bakery near your home. Good luck! 

A Gluten Free Baker's Dream

My boyfriend's mother introduced me to this amazing set of products from Betty Crocker. They taste just as good as the real thing and the texture is not too far off. My favorite so far is definitely the brownie mix. Check out the BC website for great recipes to diversify their products (I made pumpkin spice cupcakes for thanksgiving and everyone loved them).
Whole Foods has a line of fresh-baked gluten-free cookies and breads that are pretty good. Also, do an online search for health food stores and bakeries in your area. New York, San Francisco, and Bethesda, MD (near D.C.), have gluten-free bakeries. Some health food stores often contract local bakeries to make gluten-free goods especially for them.

Hi Charis,

There are several companies that sell delcious gluten-free baked goods! The marketplace has expanded rapidly over the last year and today there are more than 300 companies manufacturing gluten-free specialty products. Here is a link to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness Food Manufacturers page. They have links to all of the various companies and information about the products available.


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