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Things we’re Loving: January

Posted Jan 14 2013 7:00am

Here are some things we’ve been loving this month:

It’s been SO awesome to have workouts already put together. And MAN, Tina knows how to whip your butt (in the kindest way possible). I’ve been getting a few evenings to go to the gym, and it’s been totally possible to do some of the workouts at home! And my dear friend Ashley is doing bootcamp too, she posted about it here !

20130112_100238   20130112_100519

Adeline is quite fond of watching me struggle through pushups. She benefits from my Bootcamp participation too- two of my goals for the first two weeks were:

  1. Drink 8, 8oz glasses of liquid per day (GOAL ACHIEVED!)
  2. Read to Adeline (GOAL ACHIEVED!)


She likes Brown Bear and one of her books about colors- I have a feeling that the touch-and-feel books are going to be popular VERY soon!

I’ve been eyeing the SodaStream ever since Emily over at Daily Garnish posted about hers. I’m terrible at drinking liquids (other than coffee- see goal 1 above), but I LOVE carbonated water.


My dad generously gifted us with a SodaStream for Christmas from Bed Bath & Beyond , and it’s fun to have a bottle of bubbly water waiting in the fridge!


As I mentioned in my Cloth Diapering post, I was planning on making fleece liners and fleece wipes. DONE! Now we don’t have to worry about fetching the regular wipe out of the cloth diapers when we start our laundry.


Micro Fleece fabric was 40% off at JoAnn Fabrics last week (and may still be discounted). I made a wipe solution of 1 cup of water plus a squirt of baby shampoo. Most wipe solution “recipes” say to add a squirt of baby oil, but I didn’t have any and her bum doesn’t seem to be irritated.

We won an entire GALLON of Virgin Coconut Oil from Ashley at My Food and Fitness Diaries . The Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil is GREAT!


I’ve been using a dab here and there as “chapstick” and I’ve even put a bit on Adeline’s skin after she takes a bath. I’m planning on roasting some sweet potatoes with it later this week!


And, because there is NO way we can ever use an entire gallon, we were able to give a bunch away to our friends!

My mother in law got us an amazing Ergobaby carrier for Christmas. We got one from the Performance collection (good for smaller builds, has an easy access pocket and it’s supposed to be more breathable for the summer months).

20130109_152257   20130111_111124

Adeline likes hanging out in there, and its really comfortable. Adeline is still a bit too short to sit in there on her own, so we use Emily’s Blanket Trick to help boost up Adeline. I even did my first FULL grocery shopping trip with Adeline in the Ergo (it was successful until we stopped moving at the checkout line).

So… I haven’t washed my face with soap this month (aside from when I’m taking a shower). I tried the oil cleansing method last winter after I first saw it on the Meals and Moves blog , but then I just kind of stopped. Basically, I’m using a mixture of 1 part Castor Oil to 2 parts Olive Oil to “wash” my face.


You can read about the process here . My skin doesn’t look drastically different than when I was using regular face wash for acne prone skin, but it feels so much better. I’m going to keep up with the oil cleansing method, it’s cheap, it makes my skin feel great, and I don’t smell like weird chemicals after I wash my face at night. I’m going to pick up some tea-tree oil this week to help with acne control and inflammation.

We struggled with sleep last week. So did some of my blogging-mommy friends: Nicole at Making Good Choices and Char at Char Eats Greens . I’m happy to say that Adeline slept much better this weekend, and Daniel and I are VERY thankful.


It’s pretty cool to have other mommy friends to tweet with in the middle of the night when the babes just need extra food or snuggles!

**If you are a praying sort of person, please keep a little boy named Amir and his family in your thoughts. Amir is a little boy who got hit by a car on Saturday . In the last update that I received, he was in critical condition. My sister-in-law knows Amir’s aunt and her family. Please keep them in your prayers, I can’t imagine all of the emotions the family is facing. We are praying for healing for Amir and we are also praying that God surrounds them with love so that they do not feel alone in this difficult time.**

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