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The Working Meal at Good Morning Chiang Mai Cafe

Posted Dec 24 2013 1:56am

Working at Cafes on
Working for yourself in a world that predominantly centers around the computer makes for an incredibly mobile life.  I’ve always been a writer, but when I found the world of blogging, all of my work went digital with the exception of the occasional mixed media art piece I’d create.

For Jon and I, this was both a product of evolving times and a conscious choice.  Very early on in our relationship we knew that we wanted to travel and work from wherever we happen to be in our adventures at any given time.  Admittedly, for me, in the early years of this, it meant I simply found ways to make income while working from home doing the things I loved to do.

We’re on the road now, living in various parts of Thailand for the next 4-6 months.  We are eating out for every meal, working from our rented rooms, from coworking spaces, and from cafes.  It’s the later that has me writing this now.

Working from cafes on

I’ve been working on a series of posts about a return to the conscious dinner table.  A piece on how to be present, enjoy the fullness of gathering together at a table alone or with others to thoroughly savor your meal and the free flow exchange that occurs with others while breaking bread.  It’s a scandalous piece on keeping the dinner table tech free while eating.

This of course flies in the face of my more often reality of working while eating and hanging out for hours and hours at a time at a cafe.  It’s an interesting situation, one that I find incredibly fulfilling as well.

I think that purpose is critical here.  I want to make sure to nourish myself fully not just with the food that sates my hunger, but with the overall experience.  I want to be conscious and present with the meal I’m having, but also with myself in the moment, with how I’m feeling, with the person I’m there with.

Working from a cafe takes on different elements.  Sometimes I go alone, sometimes I’m with Jon or other friends that are also working remotely.  The intention is to eat, but really the primary reason for coming to a specific cafe is the wifi and work space.

For me, some things are absolutely required for this.  Food has to be high quality, and varied so that I can have a meal that is gluten free, nutritious and pleasurable.  Drinks… must have good coffee, tea and if there are smoothies a BONUS.  Obviously there must be wifi and if the tables are large enough to spread it all out, even better!

Working from cafes on

I’ll work and read before the food arrives.  When it does, computers and phones get put to sleep and my attention is totally on eating and if I’m with someone else, we chat, connect, savor it together.  When done eating, the plates go away and the devices get opened again.

A meal or snack is always a pause in all other things.

BE with your intake.

I’ll drink throughout the time I’m there, either sipping coffee or something else delicious.

Presence with food is about the senses, the attention and the open embrace to receiving all it brings you.

I find that taking this pause sets me up for much juicier creative flow when I finally do open my laptop and begin writing.

Working from cafes at

I want to hear from the other digital nomads out there.  It’s not something I really discuss here, but an obviously bigger reality now that I’m abroad.

How do you bring mindfulness to your mobile meals?

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