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Ten Months

Posted Aug 02 2013 6:00am

This past month has been FULL of firsts!

IMG 7995 thumb Ten Months

Adeline learned to crawl! On a Thursday, she was kind of getting around (still scooting), and by Friday, she was crawling. Adeline is now crawling around everywhere. It’s kind of fun to go in another room and call her name, she’ll usually make her way over to you!

IMG 7976 thumb Ten Months

Adeline LOVES “walking” with mommy and daddy. She is no longer satisfied with being plopped on her bottom. She likes to stick out her legs so that we are forced to “walk” around with her for a little while. She makes funny panting noises while she trumps around, and she likes to stomp her chubby little baby feet. I’m excited for her to start using furniture to cruise so that our backs can have a break! I guess I can understand her not wanting to sit down, she started sitting at 6 months and that’s pretty much all she has done until she started crawling at 9.5 months.

IMG 7981 thumb Ten Months

Adeline also tried her first kibble of dog food. I was doing something in the kitchen, and she had crawled over to Silas’ food bowl. She had one kibble in her mouth and she had another one stashed in her hand. She’s also OBSESSED with Silas’ water dish, she has turned the kitchen into her own private swimming pool 3 times in the past week. Oy. At least my kitchen floors have been “mopped” more frequently!

Adeline is still eating really well. We still nurse 5-6 times a day, and I’ll definitely continue to nurse her through her first birthday. I’m not in a hurry to stop nursing and we’ll just see how it goes! Of course, weaning would give me more “freedom” (especially at bedtime), but I’m planning on waiting until she’s ready. Plus, I love that she gets exactly what she needs through breastfeeding! I posted our very first “ Muchnkin Meals ” yesterday, take a peek at what she’s been eating!

IMG 7989 thumb Ten Months

So far, the only foods she doesn’t care for are carrots (cooked and raw) and watermelon! She will eat a few bites of both, but she leaves the majority on her tray. The rest of the time she usually leaves her tray spotless!

My favorite thing when I go to get Adeline out of her crib is how she sits up in the front of the crib waiting for us. We are still at two solid naps per day. She typically follows this schedule:

You seem to be trying to say a few words. When we ask you to say “mama” or “dada” you point to our wedding pictures hanging in the kitchen. You do a floppy-wrist wave when we say “bye-bye”, and you’re starting to get the hang of high-fives. You seem to say “nigh-nigh” a lot, usually when I ask you if you want to nurse or when we’re getting ready for bed. You’ve started to try to mimic me saying “mmmm, yummy!” at mealtimes.

IMG 7947 thumb Ten Months

This month also brought Adeline’s first sickness. She had some viral fever that lasted 3 days, but she was all out of sorts for about a week. I’m glad we are past the sickness, it’s no fun seeing your kiddo feel bad!

You also LOVE looking at picture that we have hanging in the house. You like to look at our wedding pictures, and we say “hi” to the pictures of the children that we sponsor through Compassion International and World Vision.

IMG 7946 thumb Ten Months

Finally, I think you’ve really enjoyed the extra people in our house. Aunt Maggie has been here since late May, and Aunt Catherine is in for a visit. It’s fun to see you play with new people, and I love hearing all of the laughs when you all are hanging out together.

IMG 7953 thumb Ten Months

We hope YOU have a wonderful weekend!

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