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Staying Healthy on a Gluten Free Diet

Posted Dec 08 2009 7:59am
It's not unusual for my girlfriends to say they are so envious of the fact that I can't eat bread! What? Are they joking? I would give up anything to eat an entire fresh baguette right now or even just a piece of sourdough bread without getting sick. Now my friends are not envious of the torture I have to endure in order to avoid this carbo-monster rather, they would like to cut out this carb with good reason. But that brings me to the myth that a gluten free diet will lead to weight loss. Many gf substitute foods are calorie heavy. For instance, I found some great gf bagels at the market the other day. They tasted great but unfortunately they contained 400 calories for one bagel. Now, I am not typically a calorie counter but that sure seemed like a lot!

My roommate ( ) is a big fan of the "Eat-Clean Diet". I had the chance to scan through their recipes and it turns out that the diet gives a lot of consideration to excluding gluten from your diet. Give it a look if you are trying to slim down the calories while maintaining a gf lifestyle.
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