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Some raw honesty...

Posted Mar 21 2011 9:14pm
My fellow men readers if you do not care to know about this woman's issue with her period then may I suggest finding a more appropriate blog....and if you want to know then read on! :-)

Since starting this new journey I decided I needed a new gynecologist. I have been going to the same one for 3 years now and have unfortunately found her no help except to tell me that I had a good pap.  Really and excuse my frankness here but I felt like just another vagina.  She gave me drugs to start my period  when I was irregular and told me to go to a fertility specialist if I wanted a baby.  Well thanks Doc, but no thanks! 

Here I am today after A LOT of digging and pondering I have found a wonderful doctor! I am seeing a midwife! The moment I shook her hand I new it was a good match. The first thing she asked me was about my diet.  I almost fell over.  I have never had a doctor ask me about my diet before.  She also suggested things that have never been suggested to me before, such as doing acupuncture.  She told me my diet is on the right track(including getting off gluten) but I should cut down on sugar.  (UGH!)  She asked me to keep a food diary so she can see what I am eating.  A lot of what she was telling me, I was already doing , so yay! big pat on the back for me!

I saw this doctor last month and at this time I had missed a month of menstruating.  She wanted to do blood tests to check my hormone levels (among other things) but I need to menstruate first.  She gave me a prescription for progesterone.  I was very skeptical of taking a synthetic hormone but yet if you have ever missed a period and get all the symptoms, getting your period is what you want the most.  I resisted the urge to get the drug and just waited....and waited....and waited.....

I am seeing my doctor on April 23 and need to have the results by then so I started to get anxious.  I decided to fill out the prescription.  I took it to the drug store and when I went to pick it up the lady said, "OK that will be 30 dollars"  HOLD UP DID YOU SAY 30 DOLLARS!  Yeah so I was already uneasy about putting this drug into my body and they want me to pay 30 bucks, I mean I could wake up the next day and get my period on my I bid the pharmacist adieu and waited some more.

I have always gotten my period on the full moon (as do a lot of woman), so when I came home after leaving the pharmacy I looked up when the next full moon was.  Mid March was the next full moon. "OK" I told myself, "You will get it then of course!" but the full moon came and it didn't come! AHHH  but wait I have all the symptoms, sore breasts, tired, and waiting to drop kick my husband for breathing ( sweetie I love you very much its the hormones fault!), YUP should be coming.  Tonight ladies and maybe gentleman readers I GOT IT! WAAHOO! Now for those of you that are either men or have never been irregular you might be thinking, "you crazy woman you actually want to bleed!"  YES I DO, I need to bleed.  If I do not bleed, I do not ovulate and then I do not create life.  So HELLS YEAH I DO!  So Step 1 complete and without the medication thank you very much :-)  So with lots of believe in my body to do it on its own it did! Not to shabby body of mine :-)

One thing that I believed helped me a lot was tracking myself in a "moon journal" by doing this I will be able to notice the effects that my cycle has on me and track when I am getting my period and when I am not.  I am tuning into my body instead of tuning it out.  I also started taking Chaste Tree Berry again as well as fish oil (omega 3)...After a week of taking these my cycle started, coincidence, could very well be!

As a side note, my lovely sister is pregnant for the third time.  When first hearing the news I wanted to jump off a bridge, how could it be that my sister who is only 17months younger than me, be so fertile?!! and then there's me who cannot even menstruate.  Well needless to say that night I was very depressed. I decided it was OK to be for one night but the next day I would wake up and feel excited that I was going to be an auntie again to what is going to be the most beautiful child. (seriously my sister and her husband make amazing beautiful babies!)  I wallowed in self pity and then I awoke the next day just as I planned, so excited for the baby to come!  I really believe my time will come and it just isn't time for me yet.  So even though I was sad it wasn't my turn, it just isn't in my cards right now and I am OK with that.  So little sis if you are reading this I am so happy for you! and I hope you get the little girl you want ;-) I love you very much and I cannot wait to be an aunt again!
Does it get much cuter?
Alright that is all for now, I have just finished some mint dark chocolate (gluten free of course), so much for less sugar tonight! but hey a girl has to celebrate right? I worked hard to bleed dammit! :-)

Do you have irregular cycles? Or are you trying to get pregnant and hitting a wall?

Peace, Love and Cycle on!

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