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Soft and Chewy Baguette Bread (gluten, dairy, yeast, nut and sugar-free)

Posted Feb 28 2013 10:45am
Have you noticed? I talk about the weather a lot. I did at one point want to be a weather-gal on the evening news, but as we all know that hasn't happened (yet!). I also like how people who are farmers, gardeners, and growers are close to the weather predictions and forecasts because their livelihood depends on it. I feel like because I have become a fellow gardener I understand this more than ever.  And now, I feel like my sensitive soul is just a bit more in tune on how the weather does affect our health and moods. Call my crazy, but I defiantly see differences in how people feel and act depending on the weather and what may be brewing up in the atmosphere. Or how the cycles of the moon play into and affect our sleep (and digestion) as well. It is just another example on how everything is connected and how you have to be aware of the cause and effect of our lives and what we put into them and take out.
But it turns out, I am a baker. And this just means that I like to use the excuse for bad weather to spend some time baking in the kitchen. So for the last few days with lots more snow, rain, sleet and whatever that slushy yuck stuff is... I have been enjoying some quality baking time in the kitchen. Cooking some hearty soup and of course some bread to pair. Every gluten-free soul must let go of the fact that gluten bread is the only way to really enjoy bread and you have to go out in the world and explore ideas of making bread without wheat and gluten. It can be done. It has been done and many times it surprises you how wonderful it actually can be.
I love to experiment and try new ideas in the kitchen. I have had many failures along the way, but because my mistakes often are remade into a masterpiece later I don't give up.
This recipe was purely inspired by Iris' Easy French Bread at Daily Dietribe , but with some tweaks of my own, and some experimenting with the lack of, or love of other ingredients I came up with this bread that my family loved. I have to buy some whole psyllium husks to try a more accurate version of Iris' recipe. But I was surprised how well the powder worked in this recipe. I have to admit I was a bit nervous to eat a bread based in psyllium husks because of the fear of having too much time in the bathroom (TMI) but still there was no reason for concern for anyone in my household, so be rest assured.... it will not have the same affect of drinking a fiber supplement, unless I guess if you eat the whole loaf in one sitting!

Some of my favorite yummy soups to pair with it, a favorite chicken and rice (or rice noodle) soup recipe,  Red Lentil Italian Soup , or a favorite chili recipe. Really any favorite winter soup or stew you may be craving will work perfectly with this yummy bread warm from the oven. Super easy and super healthy too!
Soft and Chewy Baguette Bread Recipe
{gluten, dairy, nut, yeast and gum-free}
Inspired by Iris' Easy French Bread at The Daily Dietribe

1 cup coconut milk beverage (I used So Delicious )
1 cup pure water
2 TB psyllium husk powder (I used powder- not whole)
2 TB apple cider vinegar

2 TB of olive oil
2 TB honey or other liquid sweetener

1 cup of white rice flour
1 cup of white sorghum flour
1 ts. of baking powder
1 ts. of baking soda
1/2 ts. of sea salt

plus handful of white rice flour for dusting

First, in a small glass bowl whisk together the coconut milk,water and psyllium powder. Then add in the vinegar and honey, oil and honey. Whisk together well and let sit for a minute or two. It will become a blob-like substance. Then add all of the mixed together dry ingredients and fold the dry into the wet. It will become a weird blob-like dough and then you can pour it onto a white-rice floured counter top or space with parchment paper. Roll a long 12-15 inch loaf into existence and then fold over and place on an oiled or parchment baking cookie sheet. Dust with more flour if it is sticky and then use a serrated knife to cut some decor lines or whatever pokes you desire. 

Put in 350 degree pre-heated oven for 45-50 minutes and let sit for 15-20 minutes depending on your oven and elevation. 

Use a bread knife to slice thick chewy slices and enjoy with your favorite soup or stew or spread with your favorite butter or jam.

Much love as always, stay warm, and remember spring is really just around the corner...
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