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So, Why WOULD a Dr. Say NO to a Celiac Test???

Posted Oct 07 2009 5:40pm

I hear over and over again, my Doctor would not test for Celiac.  Why?  I don’t get it!  I realize that Doctors are bedeviled by patients who come in with their own diagnosis, but if a person has gastro issues, or other unexplained symptoms on our long list of potential problems, what is the harm in giving  a blood test?

I know this is not scientific, but I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet of people I’ve met along their way to a Celiac Diagnosis.  From this blog and from chance meeting and fairs I’ve had meaningful conversations with 157 people, of those none were tested for Celiac prior to meeting me.  37 ended up having Celiac, 38 allergic to wheat, 24 gluten sensitive and 34 with some food allergy.  Others had a mix of other issues are are still looking.

So if you have a patient sitting in front of you saying they think they fit the Celiac mold, why say no??  1 of of 133 of us have it. if you have 5,000 patients, you should have quite a few Celiacs.  Do you?

So when faced with a frustrated patient often you’ll give antibiotic, but not a blood test…why…why…why?  I wish one Doctor had listened to this overweight Celiac.  (Yes fat people have Celiac…did you know that? So do ALL ethnic groups and people without gastro issues)

UGGG…I’d love to stop hearing my Dr. would not test me

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