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Posted Jan 26 2010 7:11am
Tianyuan throughout the continent, Nike all star shoes generally divided into a grudge and fencing master swordsman, sword, Tai Jianshi, Blademaster, Jian Shen a few levels; Magic attendance were divided into magic disabilities, magician, great magician, Modao Shi, St Magic lead several levels; and Wu Xiu persons were divided into two sorcerers, witches, big shaman, San Wu, Shen Wu five grades. These three different levels of people appear to attend the same, but in fact differ greatly. At first, the easiest sword generally advanced, which is why the sub-continent, there are many stray sword's sake; magician scarce because of the difficulties of advanced, from the ordinary to the Magic with disabilities need nine stages, from the Magic with disabilities to the Magic Teachers should be nine stages, from the magician to big magician requires eight stages, from the big magician to Mo Daoshi requires five phases, from the Magic Guide to San Mo Daoshi requires three stages, not only the stage of each level and more And more and more difficult. Wu Xiu are more difficult as the witch in order to repair those major soul-based soul is so advanced people who attend the most difficult to achieve, because they are almost haphazard follow, only by constantly looking for breakthrough insights and opportunities to be successful into the bands, this raises an advanced witch repair those difficulties. In addition, Wu Xiu who basically every level of the advanced needs of nine stages, their levels of strength, not a single person with other attendance is relatively speaking, is a magician in the preparation of adequate circumstances, may also be the primary big sword Teachers draw; peak level of a master shaman, nor weaker than in primary and junior big Modao Shi Da Jianshi, because they have the soul of the most bizarre attack and speed. Adapted to a whole day, from the song has been completed on the witch avatar familiar with the manipulation and understanding of, and now he has already done an adequate plan. Wu tactics they have to attend to complete the task of Red Moon mountains, but also careful to collect the town and the witch repair Budd-Chiari's relevant information was simply not enough, another can not be too long away from the town of Thornton. But now with the witch avatar, he had ample time and opportunity: witch avatar can continue to attend witch tactics, so that body to continue to the past life. Worse now than what it was like to see Shuangxiu. Song of the eyebrows away from the one to choose, think of the black hole gravity prohibited. Arrangements for the Division after the Elegance and the mountains are familiar from the song Ya just let the Secretary in charge of the mysterious Grand Canyon, the one can take advantage of the wisdom of her command of a powerful low-IQ monster, and secondly, we can also use the fog hide her breath in order to avoid open Goblin King search. Ontology witch sets off the big black hole in the sky quietly emerged from the song carefully re-entered the room for 10 gravity prohibited. Get body's instructions, split large witch sat quietly on stage, began to cross one's legs attend the soul of witchcraft. NBA all star shoes Wu Shuangxiu soul and body, only the soul of variation from the song can do it. A month later, three times gravity space. Standing there bent away from the song, witch body began to absorb the black hole of frenzied strong spiritual force, constantly break the meridians first and then re- combined, after a few more times, more powerful body to show in the air. The soul of space on the pubic region of a trace of sudden rupture, followed by oppressive spiritual forces involved in these crazy disappear, like a bottomless pit difficult to meet, but the cracks began to be a little bit of soul out of a dark edge repair of the channel, do not know apart, Wang Dan where it is. Big Wu stage, the fog of the soul of force on the pubic region launched into countless places, with that hint of exotic channels appear, the soul gradually spread away, where the soul of a deer lying quietly abruptly whipped up, frantically This ability to attract the soul, the body gradually grow stronger and stronger, until the expansion is about to burst on the pubic region and then suddenly plunged into the fissures disappear, with the exception of the air layer of gray, like the original songs from the soul of the state. Move the hearts of Mode 1, gravity space opened his eyes away from the song. "Soul of ectopic space!" Shocked Shuaile Shuai head, and some incredible feeling, kept trained on the early growth of cracks from the Song of cardiac arrest. The soul of ectopic space, which is the soul of the ability Guards have been a breakthrough in the human imagination, as long as space for expanding the soul growth will be endless. Unfortunately, only very difficult to practice, if there is no witch avatar can not be at the same time the soul and body Shuangxiu witch, it is absolutely impossible for that phenomenon. In addition, if there are no major witch-gravity platform and Aura ample space for the same time support, you may not know for several centuries, for thousands of years to appear. Exploration into the consciousness of God that cracks, feel the soul of the deer in that broader space in the leisurely manner speeding away from the song can not help but cried excitedly. Now he can be sure that if another couple of years, Tianyuan continent will no one can make him afraid, when the time is the Budd-Chiari town to find out the truth from the song to find out the secret of witch repair, as well as those who disappeared from all of their own destiny restraints and control. It took another month, no further red mountains on the task came from the songs come to meditation practice. Now Song has witch body away from the cultivation to the Great Wizard of the initial stage of the soul force is to the Great Wizard of the peak, of course, also other than the metamorphosis of the soul of ectopic space effect. However, from the song and then into the hard-inch, five-times-gravity of space have been easy to support, but the flesh is still tough reached a bottleneck, can no longer absorb too much between heaven and earth aura. Away from the song know that practice is not the absolute way to break through, it needs gestos this world's life experiences and bloody fighting. Thornton town, away from the song sitting on a restaurant where known, but the location is on the second floor of the Agile may have previous experience of the riots, specially arranged by the proprietress of this quiet undisturbed place. In addition, others can not see, hear everything here, but it actually sat in Agile downstairs can clearly observe the dynamic and static. From the song was satisfied here, items with mellow wine, carefully carved to proceed in the Lower Ngau Tau Liu. Ngau Tau Liu is produced in a forest of Warcraft Qimu itself extremely tough, open flowers are very unusual, like a small Tau, which is not much wood while the role of the system device, but it is doll making good things, not only does not stiff, cold feeling, there is a warm and flexible comfort. And then carved a lovely song from the simple and honest-lan pig displays run smooth, hairless, hypertrophy of the ears, wide nostrils, open mouth smile, the eyes are Wuliu Liu, Yue-lan pig's IQ is higher than other normal animals, It is always good at taking advantage of their "ugly" and "shortcomings" won the masters of laughter, well received by some of the girls welcome. Sometimes, play the fool play ugly but is more likely to survive and easier to get other people's recognition. Tsukitomo or Nafu lazy appearance, charming smile of his face hanging Yujie, a pair of water looked away from the faint song of the pupil of the eye. "You always missing it?" Tsukitomo Meimu staring away from the songs that calm face. In the town of Thornton, and only from the songs can be so cool to sit in front of her, and even ignored her existence. Adidas basketball shoes"You always pay attention to me?" Asked from the song did not answer, the hands Pluto flew carved dagger. Since Pluto re-made into dagger by his witch dagger hidden in interest rates after the song had been longer away from it, because in addition to your own desires, most people would think it is nothing but a sharp dagger. "Hee hee ~ If I said yes, you will not be very proud of." Tsukitomo looking sawdust swirling gently smile. "In fact, I am now very proud to get on the VIP lounge on the restaurant to know, as well as the boss himself beautiful and pour wine want anything else." Did not rise from the song and began carefully outlines the internal structure. "If I say you can away from the down and is no longer missing, and I every day, and always willing to pour wine for you, you will not be more happy?" Tsukitomo face had a trace of crimson float. "Will be very happy." From the song gently nodded his head, You Tan the tone, "Unfortunately, I can not do." "Hey ~" Tsukitomo Daimei slight wrinkle a bit and re-radiate a charming smile, "You're a unique person." "Well, to give you." From the song did not answer, will spar carefully taken to the pig intra-abdominal, and then close the palm flat bodies stretched in the past. Immediately lived like pigs, first in the palm of your hand, a lazy stretch waist, then slowly stood up, intimate places Chong Tsukitomo smile, piled into the face of the fat and the delicate line of the eyes, suddenly pig Hing Wah Street West from one foot, went so far as the body slowly turn from mast danced a dance like a pity that too less than a half circle body fell away from the songs on the palm, then raised his head and smiled when the Hei hei clutching a matted hair. "Puchi ~" On looking at the simple and honest knowledge of the pig and its ridiculous antics, Perfectionist smile. That intoxicating smile to mind is not only a swing away from the song, eyes can not help but look to the lifting goes on beautiful face. Everywhere you meet with when you know the month, but from the song and rapid hung his head, but looking at the hands of the glass. "You always like this peeping Tsukitomo it?" Tsukitomo gently took the pig, love to stroking its head. Pig lying in the soft comfort of the hand on the treatment of enjoying the beauty of Yu Ren. "I'm leaving." Eyes flash from the song touch of splendor, soon cold to stand up, without looking out on to the restaurant know. "Hey ~ from the song, your heart is not exactly iron to do." Tsukitomo hidden bitterness sigh of relief and kissed pig slowly out of the door. Nike Zoom LeBron James SoldierNike Zoom LeBron PlayoffNike Zoom LeBron Soldier III
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