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Revisiting Benelife Natural Disinfectant

Posted Jan 15 2009 6:27pm

I’ve blogged before about the Benelife Products.  After living in the bleach mindset, I just had to have a disinfectant to trust.  Last winter we became green in the middle of the year.  Yesterday my husband and I realized that we have not gotten a cold all year.  I got one nasty stomach bug, but that was after taking a friend to the emergency room filled with sick people.  My Son caught strep at school once because the whole class had it, but still no colds.

What have we done differently?  We’re eating organic (mostly since its almost impossible to find organic everything) and we are using  the Benelife Products in our house.  I spray the door handles with the organic disinfectant each day and when my Son had strep I  REALLY used it.  Usually we catch strep when he gets it, but we did not this time.

Every year has been cold after cold and this year has been so healthy!  We have no harsh chemicals in the house and I see a connection.  I’m only disinfecting where needed since not every surface has to be germ free.  I also like that the disinfectant cleans the kitchen sink, which always has more germs than a toilet does.  So is it because we’re eating healthier?  No harsh chemicals?  Both?  Just luck?  I don’t have a double blind study, but I’m voting on the chemical elimination with SAFE disinfecting when needed.

Now WHY Benelife is not sitting on every shelf of Wholefoods and other natural places (hey, how about Wal-Mart?) I don’t know.  I’ve got to call them and say they need to MARKET since their products are very inexpensive and concentrated.

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