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Posted Dec 08 2010 12:00am
Hello you... If you haven't already, you might want to for updates to Food Practice and also .

Pretty, no?  I love radishes, and admittedly, they aren’t a food I tend to eat much of in the Winter.  Of late, however, I have made a few hot Thai soups and a cool crisp radish salad on the side tends to keep the spicy bite of the  soup going while adding a lovely coolness to the complex flavors.

A little something on the wonders of Radishes:

“A cooling food that’s pungent and sweet in flavor, radishes stimulate the appetite and are an excellent digestive aid.  They have antibacterial and anti-fungal action.”

~ The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia

I got the idea for this salad from my amazing friend, Leslie , when we were visiting her last month.  Super easy, super yum and goes well with Thai and Mexican dishes, this salad is really only necessary in small amounts for its full flavor contribution to the meal.  I also will share the “recipe”, but doubt it can be called even that, because as usual, I just played it by ear and used no measurements of anything whatsoever.

A bundle of Radishes, about 10, washed and removed from their stems

Hearty pinch of Salt

Large lemon

Cilantro chopped

1. Wash radishes and slice.  For an uncooked dish, I really like to chop or slice veggies in an uniform way.  The varying sizes adds to texture and the organic feel of the dish.

2.  Places radishes in a lovely serving dish and squeeze the juice of 1/2 to a whole lemon over the radishes.

3.  Sprinkle a hearty dash of salt over them.

4.  Add chopped cilantro.  Amount can vary here.  I like a lot of it, but some don’t.  I encourage you to play with the flavor.

5.  Toss it all and serve.  That simple.

Savor it!

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