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Product Review: Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer: Berry flavor

Posted Jun 29 2009 9:17pm 1 Comment
This must be an acquired taste. That, or something is seriously wrong with my taste buds.
Vega, otherwise known as Sequel Naturals, sent me this sample pack of this all-in-one, plant based formula that offers an:
“excellent source of protein, fiber and antioxidants. provides 50% recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Contains Omega 3 % 6 EFA’s, enzymes, probiotics & phytonutrients. Free from common allergens, alkaline formula and easy to digest”
( taken from the packaging; Click here for the nutritional info from their website.)
Sounds pretty great, huh?
I mixed up this optimizer according to the package directions. I emptied the thick, green powder into an 8 ounce glass and stirred. I could smell a hint of berries  and marveled that there was so much powder to mix in. I used a whisk, but it still seemed a bit thick and grainy and looked like split pea soup. I let it sit for a few minutes while I snapped a photo, and then took a sip.
I immediately spit it back out and rushed for my husband’s Mountain Dew stash to get the taste out of my mouth. It was absolutely unpalatable. I honestly can’t tell you what the flavor is that I found so awful, and I can’t tell you if the drink helped my energy because it was never digested.  Shocked at how bad I thought it tasted, I perused some vegan reviews on a few other websites, and all but one person raved over it, claiming it tasted so good. Seriously? Are my taste buds that “off?”
If I were try this again, I would probably mix small amounts into a glass of juice or in a smoothie to dampen the strong scent and flavor and still get some of the health benefits.
Readers, if you have tried this, will you please share your experience? If you like it, how do you prepare it?If you don’t, please share why.
Ingredients: organic hemp protein, yellow pea protein, organic brown rice protein, whole flax seed, chicory root, organic gelatinized maca root, high CGF cracked cell chlorella, omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids, protease 1 & 11, amalyse, lipase, cellulase, wild blueberry, blueberry, black raspberry, cherry, marion berry, blackberry, L. acidophilius, B. Bifidum, natural berry flavor, xanthan gum, stevia leaf.

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I found the berry flavor you tried to be a bit strong flavored, but definitely not as bad as your experience.  I would definitely recommend giving it another shot, though, as this stuff is pretty amazing.  My favorite is actually the "natural" flavor.  It's much less sweet, and you can easily doctor it up with other stuff.  Try putting it in a blender with a banana, some ice cubes, walnuts, a tablespoon of cocoa powder and a dash of cinnamon - Yum! 

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