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Product Review; Ians Gluten Free French Bread Pizza and French Toast

Posted Mar 28 2008 12:00am
by GFTiff


Since I am working from home now (woohoo!!) I am eating more at-home foods. I decided to try some new stuff and share my findings with you, my few readers :)

I had Ian’s French Toast for breakfast the other morning. I made about 1/2 the box….and the rest is still in the freezer :( I wasn’t all that thrilled. The taste was OK, and the size was good for kids, but they were really crunchy, not soft and sloppy, like I remember french toast being. Perhaps I left them in the oven too long…but I don’t think I will be finishing these. If I were you, I would buy them at Whole Foods, simply because I know they will return stuff that you didn’t like, so you can get your money back (since none of this stuff is cheap!)

For lunch that day I tried the Ian’s French Bread Pizza (I know, why bother, right? I wasn’t impressed by the French toast, but I am a sucker for something new….). They had a “warning” on the label that the soy cheese “would not melt like regular cheese” so I scraped the soy cheese off, and topped my pizza with my own cheese (from Walmart, and it has “GLUTEN FREE” right on the label!). People, this was actually pretty good! I was really surprised. I would suggest trying the Ian’s French Bread Pizza. I made it in the microwave, which isn’t the best method, and it was still pretty OK (for a gluten free quickie lunch).


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