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Product Review: Bumble Bars - organic energy bars - gluten free/ vegan

Posted Feb 21 2009 9:41pm
These gluten free and vegan snack/energy bars from Bumble Bars are quite interesting.  All of them look quite similar with sesame seeds galore. These bars come in a whopping 12 flavors, so there is something for everyone. Each 1.6 ounce bar sells for around $1.75.
Bumble Bars are like a flat, chewy granola bar, minus the oats.  In fact, When I first looked at one unwrapped, I thought it looked little like the birdseed that my neighbor fed her bird when I was growing up. (I know, kinda weird. ) These gluten free energy bars are mostly sesame and flax seeds bound with brown rice syrup. Bottom line, if you don’t like sesame seeds, don’t bother trying this bar. I would suggest a Kind or Pure bar instead.
These bars are also fairly thin and light, making them great for a snack to tide you over until mealtime, especially the flavors with added nuts.  However, these bars are high in fat - 12 to 16 grams of fat per bar. (just something to keep in mind.) Because there are so many flavors, I will group this review in categories:
Nut based flavors: (cashew, mixed nuts, almond): These Bumble Bar flavors were my least favorite from the variety pack I sampled. I wished there was more nuts, because especially with the cashew flavor, then nuts were sparse from what I could tell. Also, the nut flavors have a strong cinnamon smell and taste , which turned me off. Now, I like cinnamon just as much as the next person, but I felt it overpowered any nut flavor that was there. Also, with these gluten free flavors I sometimes felt like I had a mouthful of seeds in my mouth vs. snacking on an energy bar. Rating: 2 stars

Fruit flavors (cherry chocolate, apricot, chunky cherry, tasty tropical, lemon): I really enjoyed the fruit flavors - I didn’t feel like I was snacking on a mouthful of seeds this time! The fruit flavors are a little sweeter and boast chunks of actual fruit that tie the whole bar together. I did notice a strange aftertaste when I ate the lemon flavor, but it went away after a few bites. The chocolate cherry was my picky daughters favorite since it had a nice cocoa flavor with her favorite fruit. Rating: 4 stars

Everything else (original, chocolate crisp, chai with almonds): All three of these are actually pretty good . My picky daughter loved the chai with almonds- she opened the package and exclaimed “mmmmm, vanilla!”  The chocolate crisp is alittle sweeter with a nice cocoa flavor and great if you want to satisfy a sweet tooth. Rating: 3 stars

Pros: nice flavor, great portable snack, perfectly chewy

Cons: higher in fat, some flavors aren’t that great


Please visit the Bumble Bar website for ingredient lists and additional nutrition


Want to try Bumble Bars? Check your local grocery store or visit the link below:

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