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Positive Reinforcement:)

Posted Mar 24 2010 3:58pm

Hello Everyone! I don’t even know if anyone will read my post anymore since it’s been two months since I last blogged, but oh well.

I thought I would do another quick update since I now have a diagnoses since my last post.  For the last year and a half, I thought I had a REALLY stubborn yeast/candida problem. I was tested for candida and NOTHING showed up! I then went to the OB/GYN–AGAIN and was tested for everything they could think of. It turns out that I test positive for Group B Strep. Now, for most women, this is not even an issue and is usually only treated if the women is about to have a baby–as it can be very dangerous to the newborn. BUT, in rare cases–that would be me–women who are not pregnant can have pretty severe symptoms. From what I have read, most people that do have symptoms are either elderly or their immune system is shot. Well, I don’t think I am considered elderly–although I am 40 ;) I DO have problems with my immune system though. To make a long story short, the Dr.s don’t really know how to treat it and there is no cure. I tried antibiotic cream and that was a waste of time and money. It took me several weeks to be able to work through the emotional side of this. To think that I may have to deal with this for the rest of my life is more than I can bear sometimes. The whole time I am trying to deal with this, I am still dealing with tummy issues. My gut has been rebelling a lot lately!

So, about two weeks ago, I had a complete melt down! It really helped actually :) I had become SO overwhelmed with my many health issues that I thought I was going to go off the deep end. I decided it was high time I find something more positive to focus on. Most importantly, I am trying to get my eyes off of my situation and on to God who loves me without measure! Realizing that only HE can heal me and take care of me has been a HUGE weight off of me.

I have also gotten back into Hot Yoga ! OMG! Hot Yoga was my first yoga love and I am so happy to have found a studio not too far from where I live.  The heat feels SO good on my joints and muscles. It has also given me a sense of accomplishment and an appreciation for my body. Instead of always focusing on how my body seems to be breaking down, I can focus on how strong my body is. If I get nothing else out of yoga, that will be enough for me. All the other benefits are just the cherry on top :) Right now, I am doing Hot Yoga about 5 times a week. I just started about two weeks ago and look forward to getting stronger. Last night, I went deeper and higher than I ever have before in Standing Bow pose and it felt really good!

In a nut shell, I am still struggling with my health–a lot, but am trying to find more positive things to focus on. Hope you are all doing well! I do check in on other blogs pretty often :)

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