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Pop Up Restaurants & Kupu Maui

Posted Feb 22 2013 9:00am

Pop Up Restaurant at Food Practice

In my upcoming free eBook, The Food Practice Guide to Dining Out, I write a little bit about the amazing experience of Pop Up Restaurants .  This growing phenomenon is taking the act of eating out to an entirely different level.  Food should always be an event that ties together community, well balanced flavors and discovery.

Pop Up restaurants celebrate good food, new friends and the magic that happens when you combine the two.  More than that, it elevates the dining out experience to something memorable, an event that becomes more than just eating a meal.  I always feel that if you are going to go out and pay for a meal, it should be an experience you’ll take with you and look back on fondly.

My first experience with one was years and years ago with the Ghetto Gourmet .  Back then, they were just beginning to travel to other cities.  I remember when I discovered they were coming to Los Angeles!  I jumped all over it.  We checked on line, sent an email asking to be invited, and a week or so later we got word on where to go, what to bring and the rest was a culinary adventure! Check them out. They may be coming to your area.

Here’s the thing:  There are some amazing restaurants out there offering freshly made, organic, locally sourced food.  The setting is perfect, the service, sublime, and many fit well within your budget.  Still, nothing will ever compare to a Pop Up experience.  Often served family style, the food made is created by people who love food, sometimes renowned chefs that want to get back to basics, and always always always, you walk away having met new and interesting people.

Pop Up Restaurant Kupu Maui at Food Practice

Three perfect reasons to try a Pop Up Restaurant:

1.  Great food
2.  New friends
3.  A memorable experience

Pop Up Restaurant Kupu Maui on Food Practice

Here on the island, we’re thrilled to have Kupu Maui.   In their words:

Kupu Maui emerged out of three friends’ simple desire to feed people, connect with their community, and grow. Our shared goal is to gather friendsold and newfor delicious, sustainably sourced food in a dynamic natural setting.

Join us for a Maui-style moveable feast. On the third Saturday of each month, we’ll gather at a different island farm around a sumptuously set table. Pull up a seat to enjoy locally harvested and immaculately prepared food, served family style. Each event will be guided by three inspirations, setting the stage for a unique culinary experience aimed to nourish bellies and hearts.

Save the third Saturday for Kupu Maui.


Between Jon and I, we have gone to every single event they have ever hosted save one.  Each event has been amazing, and given us an opportunity to not only explore the local, sustainable and organic farms on the island, but share well prepared cuisines with new and old friends.  We always walk away from each gathering so happy.
Last month, we ate at Malama Pig Farm.  I’ve posted images from this farm before in Flickr , but here are some from that day.  Scroll down to the end where I’ll share a couple of links you need to know about!

Piggies at Malama Farms on Food Practice


Kupu Maui on Food Practice


Kupu Maui Salad

Kupu Maui on Food Practice

Do you live in Maui or come to visit and would love to be part of this amazing experience?  Check out their website and sign up for the newsletter .


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