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Overheard: I Only Cook Once A Week!

Posted Jul 02 2013 8:39pm


I was at a Social Media event at the gorgeous retreat center, Lumeria of Maui the other day.  Most of the attendees I already knew, and it was a great chance to explore a new part of Maui, and socialize with friends.  As is the case with these gatherings, we all tend to connect over our online work and presence, discussing blogs, internet and Social Media work and what we’re working on next.

It was along this vein that Yvonne Beigel , a Social Media and PR maven on the island commented about my blog and how really, it seems like I’m cooking these amazing meals everyday.  I looked over at Jon, started to laugh and exclaimed quite bluntly, “Oh, I only cook about once a week!”

Bad for branding?  Maybe.  But it’s the truth.  Well, actually, I cook more often than that, although Jon Brown thinks it’s 1-2 times a week!  Currently, I’m at 3-4.

I’m inconsistent.  I go through phases.  Sometimes it’s every other night spaced with creative rearranging of left overs.  Others it’s me experimenting with taking in less calories and only eating salads while Jon makes something else for himself.  I think that having a food blog conveys that I’m in the kitchen every hour of the day making amazing food.  Not so.

Sometimes what I make is really not so fabulous at all.  Ask my JonBrown.

So, as part of my Food Practice, I work at consistency.  I work at facilitating a conscious eating experience.  I work at planning and finding or creating new dishes for Jon and I to share.

My desire for this would be that I have something fresh and new ready for dinner each time we are at home, unless Jon is making something which is a big wish for me as well!  Breakfast and lunch are individual things for us as we have different diets and different food needs.  But I like to have drinks made and ready in the refrigerator and Jon likes to have cut up fruit for smoothies and general snacking.

When I told Yvonne that I only cooked once a week, it was quite sheepishly and left me thinking for quite a while later.  Obviously!  It was a great reminder though and something worthy of being shared:

The philosophy I write about here is a living thing. Food Practice is just that.  A practice – something to mindfully be tended to, attempted and refined over time.  There are no hard and fast rules or judgments here.  It is an evolutionary and growth process.

Tonight?  I get home late from my day out, holed up in an empty and lovely space I write in once a week.  Tonight is left over night.

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