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My father had a hydrochloric acid defieciency. A nephew has Celiac. Should I be tested?

Posted by baskid37

I have had RA for about 20 year and on medication. (Methotrexate) A good friend of mine was recently diagnosed with celiac and she has been talking to me about all the symptoms and info on  the subject.  It was enough to convince me!! 

I went on a gluten free diet about 3 weeks ago and felt much better just after 3 days on the diet. I'm wondering If I could be gluten intolerent and think that I am, but now I find out I must start eating gluten again to be tested.  I don't really care to do that.  Can I just continue on a gluten free diet without being tested? I would like to hear the pros & cons on this. Thank you.


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