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Muscle Confusion = Muscle Aches and Pains

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:31am
I've been reading about muscle confusion and how when you work different muscles with different exercises at different times it improves cardiovascular health AND improves muscle tone. The key factor behind this is to work your muscles from different angles and with different movements to get the best burn and tone up faster! The human body adapts pretty quickly which would be why a person will plateau their weight loss if they eat the same foods day in and day out and then walk at a 2.0 incline at a speed of 3.5 miles per hour every day for 6 months. To improve overall fitness... shake it up a bit!

I've been running everyday. And then doing Hip Hop Abs at night when I get a chance to as well. But I've also been eating like crap! So no wonder I'm not seeing any results!

I've decided (along with my quest to find a freakin dance partner!) to shake things up a bit and push myself in the workout department.

Here was my routine last night:

warm-up- 50 jumping jacks and running in place for 2 minutes
2 sets of 12 bicep curl with squat
3 sets of 10 tricep kickbacks with lunge
4 sets of 8 Roman dead lifts with 10 pound weight
then 3 sets of 12 military presses
followed up with 12 push-ups (not on my knees either!)
then running in place for another minute
then 50 more jumping jacks

THEN.. I did the 40 minute Cardio Party from Turbo Jam. This was NO PARTY! It was a boot-y camp. Dang my back is killing me and my knee is killing me. It was great! I know, I'm the only weird one who loves the pain I'm in.

This morning I got up and walked for about 30 minutes- increasing my incline every five minutes until I was practically crawling up the treadmill. : )

And as you can guess from the title- I am still sore- and I still don't care!

Tonight the plan is to go home and do some yoga! Power yoga though- I need the calorie burn!
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