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Munchkin Meals at 13 Months

Posted Nov 07 2013 6:00am

Hello friends! I’m linking up with Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life to show you what Adeline has been eating lately (at 13 months)!

munchkin meals large Munchkin Meals at 13 Months

Munchkin Meals is a great resource for getting new ideas for mealtime. I’m patting myself on the back for remembering to take pictures of Adeline’s eats for an entire day! Let’s jump right in:

First “meal”: NURSING! My favorite nursing session of the day- filled with snuggles! (one side)

20131105 085501 225x300 Munchkin Meals at 13 Months

Breakfast: 1 Egg (scrambled), Kale & Mushrooms (sauteed, leftover from dinner), 1/3 Sweet Potato with Coconut Oil

13moMunchkinMeals.CR2  300x199 Munchkin Meals at 13 Months

And sometimes, we take breakfast to-go. Yesterday, we went to a coffee shop with Daniel in the morning, so we packed Adeline a breakfast of an omelette with kale, avocado, sweet potato & grapes (quartered). She wasn’t super interested in breakfast because there were people to watch.

13moMunchkinMeals 012.CR2  300x199 Munchkin Meals at 13 Months

Second Breakfast: Dog Kibbles (at least they are Rachel Ray brand?)

MunchkinMeals 300x300 Munchkin Meals at 13 Months

Snack: Apple Slices (eaten at the park, 1.5 slices were given “to the squirrels” because Adeline wanted to crawl around with them).

13moMunchkinMeals 008.CR2  300x199 Munchkin Meals at 13 Months

Before Nap: more Nursing! (one side)

13moMunchkinMeals 002.CR2  300x199 Munchkin Meals at 13 Months

Lunch: Black Beans with Cumin & Chile Powder, Oatmeal cooked in Coconut Milk, Avocado and Strawberries (frozen & thawed, from Trader Joe’s!)

13moMunchkinMeals 010.CR2  300x199 Munchkin Meals at 13 Months

And sometimes we take a lunch to the park or to a friend’s house- I just try to put together “less messy” items if we’re out and about! This lunch was some Tofu (sauteed in coconut oil), Noodles w/a drizzle of olive oil (corn penne), some Broccoli & Cauliflower and some Mozzarella cheese.

13moMunchkinMeals 013.CR2  300x199 Munchkin Meals at 13 Months

Snack: some cheese, or another snack option, but this day it was another nursing session (one side). Aren’t you jut loving this silly photo?

13moMunchkinMeals 002.CR2  300x199 Munchkin Meals at 13 Months

Dinner: Dinner was a “bake” made with Black Beans, Brown Rice, Kale & Mozzarella Cheese. There were some spices in there as well. I hold off on adding salt to most recipes so that Adeline can enjoy them as well! Usually, dinner looks more like a lunchtime meal, but she wasn’t too hungry so this was it.

13moMunchkinMeals 011.CR2  300x199 Munchkin Meals at 13 Months

Before Bed: Nursing (both sides)

Adeline usually eats what we eat, although I think she may be slightly allergic to cayenne pepper. If we happen to be eating something made with cayenne, I’ll just portion some for her before adding in the extra spice.

We usually have one snack a day, I like to treat snacks as an opportunity to sneak in some goodness that she may have missed during a meal. Adeline is kind of obsessed with apples, and they take her a while to eat. Apples have proven to be a wonderful “pacifier” in the car and when we take the dog on a walk.

13MonthUpdate 001.cr24 300x199 Munchkin Meals at 13 Months

Other “snack” ideas (or foods to round-out a meal) include grapes (halved or quartered) rice cakes (unsalted), a pouch with whole-milk yogurt (in a Little Green Pouch ), yogurt drops or some gluten-free pretzels. I also offer water after a meal and whenever we are out & about.

There you have it! A day of eats for 13-month old Adeline!

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