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Munchkin Meals: 10 Months

Posted Aug 01 2013 7:00am

Just popping in with a quick look at what Adeline is eating at 10 months! We started with Baby Led Weaning at 6 months even though we “officially”  began solids at 4 months . I’m scrambling to gather together a few pictures for our very first Munchkin Meals link-up (hosted by the lovely Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life ).

IMG 7984 thumb Munchkin Meals: 10 Months

Adeline is eating 3 meals per day, and she’s still nursing 5-6 times a day. She nurses when she wakes up, and then again before and after her morning nap, before and after her afternoon nap, and right before bedtime (+/- a couple of nursing sessions). For now, we’re keeping Adeline gluten free (I have celiac disease).

Breakfast is typically an egg yolk, some fruit (peaches, nectarines, berries) and one of the following: oats, banana or sweet potato.

breakfast thumb Munchkin Meals: 10 Months

Lunch is typically leftovers (rice, beans, veggies) or a random assortment of foods: corn tortilla with melted cheese, a fruit and a veggie (frozen veggie mix, chopped up plum).

Here is a representation of lunch (because I never snapped a picture):

image thumb Munchkin Meals: 10 Months

Dinner is usually some of whatever we’re having. Last night, Adeline had some chickpea “caprese” salad (chickpeas, tomatoes, basil, mozzarella in homemade balsamic dressing), some sweet potato and yogurt drops. Here’s a pretty typical plate (although she’ll probably eat more chicken and more sweet potatoes than this picture shows (she had avocado and a few strawberries as well):

6 months baby led weaning thumb Munchkin Meals: 10 Months

We don’t do much snacking unless we’re still out and about when it’s getting close to dinner time. If we’re at the grocery, I’ll spring for a pouch. If we’re at the park or at home, some corn puffs or raw veggies usually satisfy her!

wpid 20130607 112428 thumb Munchkin Meals: 10 Months wpid 20130610 164118 thumb Munchkin Meals: 10 Months 945413 10151845195698949 1781644970 n thumb Munchkin Meals: 10 Months We’re trying new spices and new preparations of foods for Adeline as well. I’ll mix cinnamon or allspice into her oatmeal, we’ll sprinkle pepper and garlic onto her meats, and we’ll use cumin, smoked paprika and citrus to flavor her veggies and beans! I haven’t been cooking a whole lot lately, but it’s really fun to share our meals with Adeline (before I add the final salt for seasoning!)

See you next time (with better pictures!)

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