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More allergies

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:04am

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I have mentioned that I still have some on going health problems as of late.  I have been blaming the problems (which are mostly digestive related) on cross contamination.  Now, I’m not so sure.  A gluten free friend I met recently, encouraged me to go back to my allergist.  

I saw an allergist just before I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant.  He did not do any skin testing on me at the time because I take a heart medication that he felt could interfere should I have a life threatening reaction to the testing (such as swelling or trouble breathing).  And, at the time I was seeing him because my doctor was worried about my allergies to antibiotics.  This allergist knew I had some gastro problems, but was in the process of getting tested for celiac disease.  At that time, we chose not to pursue the skin testing.  He did do some blood testing, but also told me it was not very sensitive.  The blood testing did not show anything unusual.  

Since that time, I have seen my heart doctor who gave the okay for skin testing should a need arise.  And, since some of my symptoms have crept back into my life, it was time.  

I saw him today.  They tested me for 86 foods.  Just as I feared, my list of what I can not eat is growing.  At least for now.  I have to eliminate these foods from my diet until I see him next month.  I think at that time we will challenge each food and see which ones cause a bad reaction.  So here is my new, don’t eat list:

black pepper, pineapple, pork, potato (white), raspberry, scallop, spinach, strawberry, sunflower seed, sweet potato, tea, trout, tuna, turkey meat, brewers yeast.  

The tea was a weird one.  I’ve never heard of anyone being allergic to tea.  Potato is also a problem.  There goes pretty much any gluten free mixes, or prepared cookies, crackers, pretzels etc.  And sunflower oil is in a lot of things.  Brewers yeast.  No more gluten free beer.  I’m not sure about wine.  

My mind is having a hard time taking all this in.  I almost busted out crying at the office while they were getting the list together.  I’m not sure if it was a mix of relief to have more pieces of the puzzle or from sadness because of more changes ahead.  At the same time I have been thanking my wonderful Holy Father above that I can still drink coffee (yes they tested me for that) and chocolate.  Those blessings are becoming more valuable to me every minute.  

This presents a new challenge.  I keep telling myself, I learned how to eat gluten free, I can do this too.  I haven’t really felt that good the last couple months.  Plus the fact I had been so busy with other things,  I just haven’t cooked anything I felt like sharing except some new pasta, which I will eventually blog about.  But, that’s why I haven’t blogged much.  

I have a trip to go on next month.  I think traveling is just going to get harder.  I used to always count on if there was nothing else I could eat somewhere, I could always trust a bake potato.  Now what?  I don’t know.

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