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Monster Fruit...

Posted Aug 27 2009 11:32pm
The produce guy called me over about a week ago. He received a new shipment he thought I would find particularly interesting. This is what the shipment contained...

Monstera Deliciosa - "Delicious Monster"

These "Monsters" are organically grown at Glaser Organic Farms in Miami, FL. A native fruit of Mexico and Guatemala, they are harvested at Glaser Farms from July to October. Our store receives one shipment of Monstera Deliciosa per year. ONLY ONCE A YEAR?! I had to try it!
Monstera Deliciosa's peel themselves. The exterior is covered in small, scale like sections that fall off as the fruit ripens. The interior flesh is white and on a hard core. It reminds me of a fruit version of corn!

Immediately upon arriving home, I placed my Monstera Deliciosa in an empty glass, stem side up and waited.

It took about 5 days before any "action" occurred, but it happened over night. I woke one morning to find this...

Naturally, I squealed for GF Guy to "come quick"! Being the amazing husband that he is, he set up my laptop so he could control it from his work computer. He took pictures of the Monster's peeling progression throughout the day. This is what happened while we were at work...

The little "scales" bounced all over the table and floor! It was a violent occurrence!

The next morning, only half of the fruit was "peeled", but I could wait no longer. The smell was like a little sniff of the tropics. I dug in! Using a knife I cut away the soft, white fruit from the inner core. It didn't really require much cutting. The fruit fell away from the core rather easily.

The taste: The fruit tasted like a cross between a Pineapple and a Banana. Very tropical, no?! I ate a few bites and put the rest in the refrigerator for later.

What is the craziest fruit/vegetable you have ever tried?
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