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Missing Gluten

Posted Apr 12 2010 10:34am
I am not exactly sure why but I have been having some major gluten cravings lately. I accidently put a piece of pasta in my mouth the other day and even considered having a gluten-filled dessert when I was out to dinner with family. Now I don't have celiac, just an intolerance and going gf has totally changed my life. But for the first time since my July 2009 forfeit, I am considering doing some research into curing intolerances. I recently ran into someone at a friend's party and she heard me mention my gf lifestyle. She went on to tell me about a friend of hers who seemingly went through the same thing I am and today she is eating gluten and feeling fine. This isn't the first I've ever heard of this happening, I even read a recent article in the Washington Post's magazine about a girl who gave it up and then went back to the other side. So I thought I would open this topic up for discussion. Now you celiac folks should always abstain, there are serious health consequences but for those of you with dietary issues related to the consumption of gluten, do you believe you can live a life with gluten and be healthy and happy?

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