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Menu Plan Monday November 10th

Posted Nov 09 2008 10:12pm

This week’s fruit is one of my absolute favorites: Pomegranate! I had one for the first time in my twenties and I was totally hooked. I’m a spring and summer kind of gal, and not a big winter fan. Pomegranates give me something to look forward to in the winter months, and when they disappear from the market, spring is around the corner so it’s all good.

Generally, I have pomegranates just as is, but I also sometimes cook down the juice with some agave to make pomegranate molasses. I plan to make a pomegranate/walnut/chicken dish that I made last year. I don’t remember the details, but figure I’ll wing it. And I can’t wait to see what everyone else decides to do with this fabulous fruit!

Last week was a good one in my kitchen. My pear skillet bread/cake turned out most deliciously (I’ll post later this week, I think) and I also made Ricki’s GF macaroons, which are from her upcoming cookbook. I did my last batch of campaign cooking, with a quinoa/black bean salad. I posted a recipe for Red Pepper Soup, which is great on a chilly day–although I have to say, we’ve had very few of those so far.

Here’s a plate of love for my sweetie (masquerading as fruit, but don’t be fooled)

I ate Brussels sprouts for the first time last week. I liked them, my tummy didn’t. They were interesting, though, and I’m glad I gave it a shot!
Chicken breasts poached in a pomegranate sauce with walnuts

Southwestern Quinoa Salad with avocado

Parchment Tilapia, Lazy Style with red peppers. Can you believe they still have some at the Farmer’s Market? I can’t believe they’re not frozen!

Roast chicken with a Chinese 5 spice rub and broccoli with sauteed garlic

Turkey cutlets with artichoke in a lemony sauce

Treats of the week:

I plan to make pumpkin pie for a friend’s birthday
Caramel-y almond cookies

From my garden:

Garlic shoots
Carrots/carrot tops

From the market:

And what about everyone else?

Ginger of Fresh Ginger has a great week planned!

Pom Cosmos sound like a great way to get antioxidants. Her brussel sprout plants didn’t really sprout, but I give her credit for trying! and I totally hear her comment on getting behind on posts, it’s so easy to do when there’s always so much that comes up.

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