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Mama Said "Always Take Your Vitamins"

Posted Feb 04 2010 4:16pm

Thought I'd share with you all my vitamin regiment... it does have something to do with being gf, I promise. So, back in July 2009 I decided to get serious about being gf... a couple months later I found myself at the doctor's facing stomach pains. After discussing some of the more gruesome sides of a human being he suggested that I take a daily fiber supplement... and my need was probably related to my change in diet. Evidently when you cut out whole grain bread and take away the 10 servings of wheat I had consumed in the past... things can become... how shall I put it... a little hard to pass. The fiber has definitely helped. I take it with a daily multi-vitamin and some vitamin D. I used to also take flax seed oil and acidophilus every day but 5 pills every morning can get to be a bit too much. Plus, I get enough probiotics out of the vast amounts of yogurt I consume. Am I alone on this fiber thing?

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