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July Self-Care Retreat–Movement

Posted Jul 14 2012 12:53pm

Shirley of GFE is our hostess for this week with the theme of movement, and do go and check out her great post on how to get movement with an inventive way to improve her glutes.

For those of you with good memories, this is the same picture I used last year because I LOVE IT–to me it encapsulates the joy of moving.

Movement has been a challenge for me for the past 8.5 years, but also something I LOVE.

It’s been very interesting to see how I’ve been reluctant to blog about all the progress I’ve made in the past few months  because I value it so much that I’ve been afraid that if I mention it, *poof* it’ll disappear.    It’s not very logical, but then again, neither am I.

Since the end of November I’ve gone from walking about a total of a half of a mile a day to walking somewhere close to 2 miles over the course of a day.  And it’s such a blissful thing—I love to walk.  There is something centering and nourishing about every step.  I don’t think I’ve walked without getting a big smile on my face.

It’s been an 8.5 year process, and it’s amazing how far I’ve come.  I had a huge setback last October when I fell and sprained my OTHER ankle, and that came just a week after I finished a long (for me) loop that I had been working toward for years.  And so I have a sense of trepidation, because I know that things happen, and I can get injured again, and start at ground zero.

But it will never quite be ground zero, because I have every walk that I’ve done.  I have the raindrops, the birdsongs, the wonder of the budding trees.  That’s mine to keep, no matter what.

There is a joy in movement, a beauty and a freedom that I treasure.  I remember it from when I began running.  I remember it dancing in the rain.  I remember it from playing as a kid.  There is such an abundance of beauty and richness in those memories, and no matter what, they’re part of me and I am so unbelievably grateful to have had those moments of freedom.

I’m also thankful that I believe that girl is still within me, ready to dance again.  And, despite the fact that I can’t walk a 5K (yet) somehow I’m still sure there’s one ahead of me that I’ll be able to run.

It’s extremely bittersweet.  There is, of course, some sadness for what I can’t do, but there’s also an abundance of joy in what I can, and a deeper appreciation than I ever imagined was possible.

For our self-care retreat, I decided to get up early every morning and do an extra walk.  I did one week faithfully, and then some stressors popped up, and I’ve had a harder time sleeping, so I’m not quite back yet. Hopefully next week the stars will align.

How do you get movement in your life?  And what kind of movement brings YOU joy?


Original article: July Self-Care Retreat–Movement

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