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It’s Story Time Day #11 Donnette’s Story

Posted May 11 2012 10:00am

My story started in 2008. I started gaining so much weight no matter what I did. I was very depressed, and extremely tired. Then one night i woke up choking. I couldn't breathe and felt like there was a lump in my throat. I went to the doctor to see what was wrong. After a few test he said my thyroid was out of wack, but it didn't stop there. He told me my white blood cell count was three times the level it should be. After another test they determined I had a mass in my throat the size of a golf ball. I was sent to a clinic that specializes in cancer. After going there for a year and not getting any answers I took my best friends advice and went to a new doctor. Turns out, it wasn't cancer, just Hashimoto's disease. At first I was relieved! Then I found out what that meant.

Having Hashimotos means your immune system attacks your thyroid. The problem is your immune system is too busy attacking your body, you can't fight off simple things like colds, pink eye, stomach bugs, you get the point. So, you have to find several vitamins that will keep you healthy, always workout, get sleep, and watch your diet. Oh yeah, take a pill for your thyroid, and go the doctor every two to three months to get test done to make sure your thyroid levels are working. This may sound easy. But, miss about three days of the routine and you suddenly feel horrible!

My doctor had tried everything and still I was getting sick all the time and always tired. He said he wanted to try one more thing. He did some blood work and then told me I had a Gluten Intolerance. All I heard was no more bread and beer. But after just one month I felt amazing!! I had never felt better. My energy was back, I felt healthy, like the old me.

I have been Gluten free since 2010 and have felt amazing ever since! Don't get me wrong, sometimes it is really hard to avoid gluten or not be tempted, but all I have to think about is how I felt in 08 then I remember, that one slice of pizza isn't worth it. Not to mention, when I have accidentally ingested gluten it has been ugly!!a

Here is What I have learned through this. You need a great doctor. The Dr. becomes a key part of your life. A strong support system. You need friends who don't think you are just always sick, friends who understand your body is just working against you. Friends that push you to work out, eat right, and just relax. You need a great gym where you feel comfortable enough to work out. And if you are married, you need a spouse to stand by your side when you are crying about another doctor or round of lab work. I am lucky I have all of those things.

You can find Donnette blogging over at A Southern Girl's Adventure to Getting in Shape

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