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Is there another test I can do for Celiac or Gluten and Dairy allergy.

Posted by oldfashiongirl

I have a number of symptoms that are consistent with Celiac, such as 1. Abdominal pain  and bloating after eating gluten and dairy 2. Redness in my face after gust a few min of eating anything with gluten including vinegar. My Dr has done the Endomysial (IGA) and it came back negative.  What else should I have my Dr look for, or is there a different test for Celiac. I really need the pain to subside as I am up to 3 Vicaden for the pain each day.
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Hi OFG —

Yes, you have several red flags for celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Your negative EMA-IgA test is not enough to rule out celiac. The current criteria for diagnosing celiac disease is multi-dimensional — and can be somewhat confusing. Many docs consider an intestinal biopsy showing villous atrophy as the "gold standard" for diagnosis, however there are other steps to be taken along the way. It is my understanding that no single test can provide absolute diagnosis. Following are a list of tests included in a "Celiac Panel."
EMA-IgA (Endomysial IgA Antibody)
tTG-IgA (Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody)
Total IgA Levels
Other tests that may be used include the tTG and EMA IgG versions for someone who is IgA deficient.  HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8 gene tests can also be valuable. Gene tests are not antibody tests and are not used for diagnosis, but can be used to rule out celiac disease. BUT, some people are gluten-sensitive and do not carry the gene predisposing them to celiac disease. This is not an easy puzzle to put together. But don't give up! You need to know what's causing your symptoms. 

Hope this helps!
Nutrition Therapy & Exercise Science
One more thought on this -- EnteroLab is doing stool testing for gluten sensitivity. This is NOT a diagnosis for celiac disease, but is an interesting option for determining gluten and casein sensitivities. Casein is the protein in milk. Some people with celiac disease also have a sensitivity to casein, hence the gluten-free/casein-free diet. It is important to get a medical diagnosis of celiac disease before going on a gluten-free diet.
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