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If you have Hormone troubles, check this out!

Posted Jan 09 2011 12:41pm
Hello Readers!

I am super motivated this morning and excited about my new journey.  The first thing I did this morning was separate some condiments from my husbands, yes it is a must!  Apparently if he has toast and leaves some on our earth balance well it could spike some unpleasantness for me! And I am not messing around with this anymore!! No way!  The next thing I did was rid my pantry of all gluten cooking products.  Since I do most of the cooking in our house I do not see the need in making separate meals for my husband and I; thankfully he is OK with that as well.  So good bye whole wheat this and wheat bran that, anybody need any whole wheat flour?  Chap stick checking was my next mission and  those are safe to put on, phew!  As of right now I seem to be clear of gluten, my husband and I have picked sides of the toaster to use and I think I am ready to go!

In doing some research this morning I stumbled upon this very informative article about gluten and then effects on hormones!

Click here  

I was blown away by this article. If I had any doubt before about my issues with gluten and hormones well this just proved to me that this is my issue.
Common Symptoms of Adrenal Exhaustion
Caused by Gluten Sensitivity

Interruptions in sleep
Difficulty waking in morning
Joint and muscle aches
Weight gain resistant to diet or exercise
Frequent infections
Depression/mood swings
Low blood sugar
Poor concentration/memory
PMS/ menstrual abnormalities
Allergies (environmental)

Um yea guess who has those all and experienced all in full last week except for the asthma, yeah that would be ME! crazy!  BTW I have apologized to my husband for the mood swings :-)

Alright well I am off to the kitchen to make some yummy gluten free snacks for the week for me and my very understanding husband Paul :-)  Raw doughnut holes and Carmel/chocolate popcorn! I saw the popcorn recipe while enjoying some grapefruit this morning in my VegNews magazine. So here is to celebrating gluten free with some completely indulgent deserts ;-) Oh and I will post the recipes at a later date, I am hoping to start a recipe section to my blog soon..... more exciting things to come!

Thanks for reading!
Peace, Love, and Eat Well,

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