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I really like making my own chic...

Posted Aug 26 2008 3:34pm

Gluten free chicken nuggets

I really like making my own chicken tenders and nuggets. IÂ use gluten free corn flake crumbles, a bit of egg and cooking and oil, and sha-zam! A chicken dish that my kids inhale in a matter of seconds. When I saw the Ians gluten free chicken nuggets in my local grocery store, I was really curious. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a quick version of my kids favorite snack right in my freezer? My children are not gluten free and are huge fans of Tysons nuggets, but I try to feed them gluten free whenever I can. With our family history of allergies, the less major allergens the better. It can’t hurt, right?

gluten free chicken nuggets

This eight ounce box contains two servings of nuggets. I actually use the term “nugget” loosely here. These Ian’s gluten free chicken nuggets are more like balls. They may be prepared in the microwave or in the oven. True to form, I tried to microwave first, then the oven. The oven produces a crisper nugget, but I didn’t notive that much of a difference in the overall flavor. The coating on the nuggets is made of corn flake crumbles, cornmeal and corn flower, and definately has a strong cornmeal flavor and texture. The corn coating appears cracked as well after cooking.

gluten free chicken nuggets

The inside of this chicken nugget is interesting at best. It is fairly dry and peculiar. I wasn’t sure it it was actually chicken! After examining the box I realized the filling for these nuggets isn’t just chicken- it is chicken mixed with more cornmeal as a filler. Yuck. The overall flavor and texture of the nuggets was very poor and I will not buy them again. Ever. This might be Ok for a kid who doesn’t know any better ( it is low in sugar and the chicken is made with no added antibiotics and hormones, all natural) but even my kids wouldn’t touch it after seeing the inside. Their reaction? ” No Mom, we want the *real* homemade chicken nuggets- those look gross!”

Enough Said.

PROS: All natural, free from many major allergens, nartural hormone/antibiotic free chicken ingredients

CONS: flavor, taste appearance, interior texture. Yuck!!!

Rating: 1 star

Click HERE for package photo and nutrition information. Ian’s Chicken nuggets is about half way down the page.

Interested in trying these chicken nuggets for yourself? Check out the WellnessGrocer.comÂ

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