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i have celiac disease and sometimes i can eat gluten and won't have a reaction and sometimes i can get instantly sick from even

Posted by andrea

i went to spain recently and purposely ate gluten for the first time since i've found out i've been celiac. i am usually very sensitive, getting sick from even just the smallest cross contamination....  anyways when i ate a crossiont in spain i didn't get sick. not one bit. absolutely none of the symptoms i've experienced. so strange. i tested it again, eating another definitely contaminated piece of gluten... and again felt fine. wishing i was cured or something but knowing that probably isn't the case... ever heard of such a thing!?
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Once celiac disease is confirmed; you must restrain from eating gluten for the rest of your life.  I am one of the 20% of celiacs who are "asymptomatic" (meaning I don't exeperience the classic symptoms but STILL get the same damage to my small intestine from gluten.

 It's actually harder for us asymptomic folks because we never know when we've been "glutened."  So my advice to you be happy that you didn't get sick, but the damage to your body is still being done.

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