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I have almost immediate diarrhea as soon as I eat, even if it's gluten free. Could it still be from gluten?

Posted by Connie

I have other symptoms like joint and muscle pain, blurred vision, brain fog, fatigue.  I'm 46 with a 2 year old and 6 yr old boys, so fatigue is a given.  Ten years ago I did an elimination diet and when I tested wheat after 8 weeks of being clean I had very severe fatigue.   The diarrhea is what is really getting in my way now.  My stomach starts rumbling as soon as I start to eat.  I take a lot of supplements and eat really healthy, almost all organic, little sugar and doctors say my blood work is impecable.  They chock up the diarrhea to stress but I'm not convinced.
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 I found this article to be very helpful. I myself was having similiar issues as you described, diarrhea, stomach pain, sluggishness after consuming gluten free products.  I would have a slice of gluten free bread and feel aweful! Once I realized it was that I stopped eating it and immediatly felt better.  Good luck, I hope you find what is ailing you!


the link doesnt seem to be showing up , you may have to copy and paste it.

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