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I have a constant distended stomach and lots of gas, its been 3 weeks on a Gluten Free diet and lactose and it is not better?

Posted by natty

I'm a professional athlete and haven't been able to train for months.  I can't push myself hard or go anaerobic.  These were my first symptoms and my legs ached all the time when I tried to train.  Next came a stomach issue.  My stomach started bloating all the time and I had lots of gas.  Its not pain ful (only if I don't get rid of the gas) but it is distended all the time and has been this way for 3 weeks straight now.  On a hunch I stopped eating gluten and lactose and this made my bowel movements better but took some time.  As far as I could remember my bowel movements over the last decade were slop and the gluten free and lactose free diet made them better in 2 weeks..........but this stomach distention and still not being able to train is scaring me.  It is like I am absorbing nothing from my food and no sugars or oxygen is getting to my legs to train.  I've had bloodwork, stool samples and an abdominal scan.  Bloodwork was ok, but at first my WBC, RBC and hemaglobin were low, they are better after two weeks of gluten free.  Stool samples were ok and the abdominal scan was normal, they just said I had a distended gall bladder and some small masses in my liver, but it was still considered normal.  Please help me get my life back and fix this problem with my stomach and distention as well as energy levels.  I guess if I wasn't a professional athlete I wouldn't of noticed some symptoms, but I just don't get why I can't go hard any more and get my heart rate high and it has to be related to why my stomach is distended all the time.  I do have an appointment with a GI doctor but it's not for a month, I don't want to have this problem until then.

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