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how long befor gluten gets out of your body after you go gluten free?

Posted by lisa1967

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Hi Lisa- yes, it is true, the time it takes for your body to rid itself of gluten is very individual.   And even though to gluten may be gone, it can take quite a while for your body to repair the damage caused by gluten.  For me, I have found that it takes a full week for the gluten to get out of my system, but it takes weeks for me to fully recover from accidentally ingesting gluten. Good luck!


Hi Lisa---the bad news is that there is no answer! The time it takse to feel better really depends on the person. Some people feel better in a few days and others it takes months or even years. Stick to the diet and you'll get there! 

Hi Lisa -- that actually depends on several things. Whether or not you have celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, how long you've been exposed to something your body considers "foreign" (gluten in this case), how much damage it has done to your system, how vigilant you are about making sure you don't ingest any gluten, your age, and how healthy your diet is in general. Kids usually respond very rapidly, older adults take longer. Take good care of yourself, make sure you understand the gluten-free diet and adhere to it, choose nutritious whole foods, exercise, and do what you can to manage your stress levels. You may not show normal antibody levels for quite some time, but you'll know when you're getting it out of your system as you heal and starting feeling better. You might want to consult with your doctor about having your antibody levels rechecked in 8-12 months to see how you're doing.  Hang in there, it may take awhile, but don't give up!
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