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Hip Hop Abs- Need to Get Back Into It!

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:20am
I've been derailed again! Blast it all! I was doing really well with eating and working out with Hip Hop Abs, but alas life seems to get in the way sometimes and I find myself not back to square one, but still feeling like I could be doing better. I ate more than my fair share of chocolate cake (see the below post!) and didn't really have much time to work out that extra hour or two I usually throw in. This week is harder for sure because we have people from out of town visiting at work. Tonight I would have gone home and worked out, then gone to dance practice. Double the workout! But I have to take the girls who are here shopping at the outlets. GREAT FUN! :)
I'm positive we will have a great time, but I am hoping the night will end early so I can go home and get some rest, and then I will wake up early and try to squeeze some HHA excercises!

Today I got up early and did 20 minutes of "general areobics" and cardio. I basically grabbed a couple of free weights and did some standing ab crunches, side twists, then did jumping jacks and some "kickboxing" kicks to rev it up a bit. It was invigorating to say the least, although I notice that I am hungrier during the day when I workout at all in the mornings. So I am not sure how long this will last! But if 20 minutes of extra moving beyond pacing the outlets tonight helps- I'll do it!

I will be posting up my before, during, and after pic right around the time of the show. I'm sure that you will be able to see a big difference. I can feel it when I don't do it for two days, so I'll be using that mental check to curb the sweets eating and get back to shakin' the bon bon.
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