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Hip Hop Abs- Days 12, 13, & 14- Results!

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:20am
I kicked it into high gear now that I had my frosting feast/ mental breakdown over the weekend. I drank tons of water and cut out even the decaf green tea. I got up at work and walked around frequently, instead of sitting crunched up at my desk all day. I also did Hip Hop Abs three, yes, three days in a row! Twice I did the Fat Burning Cardio Level 2 and once the Level 1. I also practiced on Tuesday night for a couple of hours. This may seem like a lot of exercise but I also upped my eating a bit. I made sure I had plenty of fruit and veggies. I made rice pasta and Amy's Kitchen soup (I love the chili for extra protein and fiber!)

The workouts themselves weren't too bad, the FBC 2 is getting much easier and causes a little less pain and soreness afterwards so I think this is also contributing to my results showing. I think when the body is not sore and tight your muscles appear leaner and longer as a result. Hence the reason I stretch for an extra five minutes before and after every workout. My only complaint about the FBC2 is that the warm up and the cool down are not that long and it seems like he rushes through the stretching at the end. So if you still feel out of breath when you do the cool down, keep going with it. Never stop high impact activity suddenly so your heart rate goes down safely. Keep marching in place for another minute or two, then move into stretches. If you don't lower your heart rate safely you can risk passing out- which I have done- and do not recommend!

Overall the numbers have not changed much. At least in my abs! My measurements to start were as follows: 26.5 inches in the waist, 36 inches in the hips, and 19 inches around each thigh. Today they were: 26 inches in the waist, 35 inches in the hips, and 18 inches around each thigh! Success in the hips and thighs! I haven't given up hope for my abs though. I have two costumes being shipped in the next week or so and my abs will need to be in rare form for those! One is pretty racy, and will expose some skin! So rare form pretty much has to be perfection. I have a lot of work to do, the show being in 6 weeks!

Tomorrow I will be doing more HHA, and practicing on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The pics are below of my progress. Before is the second picture, immediately below is tonights pic!
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