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Hip Hop Abs Day 9 - Building Balance with Foxtrot

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:20am
Last night I had to go practice for the upcoming show in February. Foxtrot is my demon! But I am bound and determined to learn it! So instead of doing a long workout I opted to stick with simply the Ab Sculpt and some Pilates after that. The Ab Sculpt I think is the hardest toning video in the HHA collection. There is one move that last for three minutes that gets me every time I do the video! The Flava Flav! Sounds like a bad actor, but it does kill the abs and legs, hiking your knees up and down for three minutes. You are pretty much running across the floor, hoping you don’t trip and fall! Shaun T says you WON’T fall because you are building strong abs and I believe him but only because I haven’t fallen yet. It was tough to do only for the sake of my knee, but I had my brace on and I think that helped again.
Later on in the night it was time to really dance. When I first envisioned doing the foxtrot I thought it would be easier than what it is. I have seen countless competition performances of foxtrot. Love Dancing with the Stars. Foxtrot is a beautiful graceful way to skim around the dance floor. The dress swirling around the feet, the natural rise and fall of the dance. It’s amazing! No such luck learning it when your partner’s favorite smooth dance is the foxtrot! He is really cracking down on every technique for the dance. My posture, my knees, my weight being centered. He adjusts my head my neck, I feel like a mannequin and even joked about attaching puppet strings to my legs and hands to make it easier on him and me! But his eyes light up when he is dancing foxtrot and I know he is only being picky because he loves it. And wants me to look great doing it. What is the hardest for me to stomach is as much as I love dancing, it isn’t completely natural yet. And I am terrified that it will not be natural ever. I knew I should have stuck with dance classes when I was younger. Learning to follow is one of my big challenges as well as spinning. I am scared to fall when I spin- or lose my balance. So I have to work harder than probably most people he has dealt with for performing.
Things I need to work on: grounding my feet when I am turning, reaching back and lowering the knees when I’m doing the basic foxtrot steps, and also keeping my body up and my head to the left at all times. And of course last but not least and the most important- following!
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