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Hip Hop Abs- Day 6- I'm Getting Tired!

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:20am
Ok, so today I decided to over do it at work. How is that possible when I have a pretty nonchalant easygoing desk job? Well I overate! And all the wrong foods! Argh! I hate it when I do that! But how can I pass up full on vanilla bean ice cream from Breyer’s? And chocolate cake with butter-creme frosting? There was a baby shower for a woman in the IT department and of course there was cake, there was ice cream, and there were chips! Thankfully I stopped short at the sugar infested fruit punch, but how does the girl with Celiac and a dairy allergy manage to eat junk food and survive? I came prepared and took Claritin and Tums before I even walked into the room. So then I knew all I would have to deal with was a slight stomache later on. And I did have a small piece of cake and only a little ice cream, but the chips killed me. I was in a sweet and salty mood I think!
So when I got home I vowed to work out harder to make up for it. I popped in the Level 1 Hip Hop Abs Fat Burning Cardio to follow it up with the Level 1 Ab Sculpt. I did both and survived it! I was bouncing and bumping along to the music- which at this point, I’m a little tired of Shawn T’s voice, so I change the sound to make his voice lower than the music. And then after I worked it, I killed it again I think. I opened a bag of Garlic Plantain Chips. Sigh. And ate a piece of chocolate!
Tomorrow I will make up for it. I’ve packed a healthy lunch and will be working out again!
On day ten I will be posting up measurements and a new pic of the abs. I know you are all excited, I just want to see if doing ten workouts makes a difference!
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