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Hip Hop Abs- Day 4 & 5

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:20am
I did do Hip Hop Abs on the 31st! I swear! It was mid-afternoon on New Years Eve, we got out of work early enough for me to go home and get a workout in. So there I was at 3 pm, sweating up a storm. I am still sick, the remainders of my cold being hacked away in a rather annoying cough. But I was still kicking and bouncing along to the music. I opted to do just the Level 1 Fat Burning Cardio- which is 30 minutes long because I knew I would be dancing that evening. I was right! I was dancing for almost 2 hours straight, in high heels and a fancy outfit. Burning those food calories away! But I made it through the workout. My stomach is feeling stronger from that too!
Today I warmed up my workout with some Pilates and stretching. When I build muscle, the muscles can get tight so it is always good to stretch so you make them long and lean. Pilates also works the core just a bit more- so it’s like extra help for those tummy muscles!
One thing I did notice after I started doing the jumping jacks was my problem with jumping jacks was back! No matter when I’ve gone pee, how many times I’ve gone pee; the second I start doing jumping jacks, I’ve got to pee again! No lie! I could have gone through the whole workout if I didn’t do jumping jacks! But instead, I stopped twice. Somehow it makes me think of shaking a coke can to get every last drop.
Day 5 is over. My stomach is feeling stronger already. I am turning over a new leaf with my eating habits. The days of over eating are GONE. I am committing myself to be healthy again. Join me in saying, “eat your veggies! not your chocolate!”
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