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Hip Hop Abs- Dance Till Your Knee Falls Off

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:20am
Well it’s finally happened. I need dance sneakers ASAP! I’ve been wearing my running sneakers that I got last year just after getting back from vacation in …. like… who knows when really. So the sneaks are probably on their last lace, and I’m hopping around like a crazy person on them. Last night I did the Fat Burning Cardio Level 2. I think that will be the last time I do that until about Monday or Tuesday. I was done and my knee felt like jello. I’ve had some problems with my left leg; a cyst on the back of my knee- which gets bigger and smaller from time to time. A hairline stress fracture on my foot. Two years ago my doctor gave me a do or die scenario, and I think I chose to die instead. I needed physical therapy for the fracture and instead I went to ballroom class. I never went to PT. My leg has also been randomly swelling up to the point where I thought I had a blood clot! But again, the doc suggested PT! So I decided to do a Hip Hop Abs challenge instead!
At any rate, my knee was toast last night and very sore when I got up today. But I really am feeling a big difference in my abs so far, and my thighs I swear are smaller! So although I am excited over that, I am worried I may do some serious damage to my knee.
This morning I had a “dance lesson”. In February I am performing a couple of dance numbers at my father’s fundraiser show. We have the mambo, foxtrot, and then a showcase number. Our showcase number is going to be A-MAZ-ING! I can not divulge any secrets to that so far because it is so good, it has to be hush hush. But my first foxtrot lesson went very well. I picked up a lot of steps right away, and some I just over think and screw up on. But learning the foxtrot was always one of my big dance goals, beside the Viennese Waltz.
But right now, as I am massaging my knee I am only thinking one thing. How to make it to February. No more HHA until Monday at least because we are going to practice again in the morning. Wish my left knee good luck!
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