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HHAC: Dance and Running Safety

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:20am
I forgot to mention that on Monday night I had a ballroom dance lesson! Yes, not a practice session for any show, but a lesson in a studio by a teacher I have never met before! This may seem like really stupid news, but I was pretty excited as I have not paid for dance lessons in a LONG time. Everything I have learned has been outside the dance studio and for free. So the teacher is really nice. He was thankful he didn't have to start from square one in teaching ballroom with me!

What I would like to learn from these dance lessons is obviously more steps. But also to improve styling and technique. I probably also need to work a little on my following as sometimes when I don't know where I'm going I tend to freeze up a little bit!

I also bought a few new workout DVDs to supplement my "hip hop" dance habit. It is kind of expensive in my area to pay for dance classes, lessons, etc. So anything I can learn in my living room- I'll take it! Of course, it is always better to learn from a teacher live so they can move you, adjust you, etc. but I'll take my chances with the DVDs!

My Wednesday and Thursday workouts consisted of the following:

Wed: got up early; did Hip Hop Abs Sculpt 2 in the morning. Then when I got home I walked for about a mile around my neighborhood and then did Fat Burning Cardio Level 1. I felt that was a great workout which I killed with my trip to Coldstone. But at least I got in a workout to counteract any smoothie calories!

Thursday: got up early again and did yoga. I like Mark Blanchard's Progressive PowerYoga. It really revs up my energy in the mornings and completely stretches out my entire body. Plus an added benefit? It burns more calories than you think! That video is crazy hard! No matter how many times I do it, I sweat like crazy and feel like I have run two miles! Speaking of running two miles...
note to self: just because the wind is blowing doesn't mean the heat won't get you! I got insanely overheated while jogging at lunch time. It was kind of windy though, so I didn't even think about getting hot at first until I was about a mile and a half into it and couldn't catch my breath. Now it's about time to go over some safety tips for running in the heat!

1. always carry water (which I didn't have)
2. always carry your cell phone (which I did have)
3. try to run in the early morning or evening and not in the middle of the day (whoops)
4. if you are feeling faint, slow your exercise down (do not abruptly stop as this can make you really faint if you are feeling woozy) and get to a shady place and sit down with your head between your legs
5. stay there and take a nap (just kidding on that one)

Hope wherever you are is sunny and warm, just like here! If so, get out and enjoy it!

This picture is a shout out to one of my co-workers who is in the Virgin Islands right now... damn you girl! I wish I could be there too!
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